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Chairman Wallace Mathis called the meeting to order, with Commissioners James D. Harris, A. James Nance, William Culpepper, and Clark Henderson in attendance. Others present were County Attorney Rick Lawson, Finance Director Sherrie Leverett, and Secretary Linda Finch. Hal Slade gave the invocation, and Commissioner Culpepper led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Mrs. Leverett opened the floor for nominations for Chairman for 2012 of the Crisp County Board of Commissioners. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to reappoint Wallace Mathis as the Chairman for 2012. Mr. Harris moved that the nominations be closed, and Mr. Mathis was reappointed as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for 2012. He thanked the Board, and welcomed all in attendance.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to reappoint A. James Nance as the Vice-Chairman for 2012. Mr. Harris moved that the nominations be closed, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, and motion carried unanimously to reappoint Mr. Nance as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for 2012.


Motion was made by Mr. Nance to approve the December 13, 2011 regular meeting minutes, seconded by Mr. Henderson, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett stated that she has spoken by email to both Rick Lawson, our current county attorney, and to Charles Jones, our current landfill attorney, and both have agreed to serve if the Board chooses under the same terms that they are currently serving. Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to reappoint Rick Lawson as the county attorney and Charles Jones as the landfill attorney for the year 2012, seconded by Mr. Nance, motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Mathis appointed James Harris, Clark Henderson and himself to the Crisp County Power Commission Board as voting delegates from January 1, 2012 until June 30, 2012.


Chairman Mathis, after all commissioners agreed to stay on the same committees they were on last year, named the commissioners to the following committees: the Agri-Industrial Development representative -Wallace Mathis; the Chamber of Commerce representative - Mr. Henderson with Mr. Mathis as an alternate; Mid-South Rural Development Council representative - Mr. Harris and Mr. Culpepper; Tourism Board representative - Mr. Culpepper; Train Authority representatives- Mr. Harris and Mr. Henderson; Board of Health representative - Mr. Mathis; Cordele-Crisp IDA representative - Mr. Mathis; Crisp County Emergency and Shelter representative - Mr. Mathis; landfill committee - Mr. Mathis and Mr. Nance; water system committee - Mr. Harris and Mr. Mathis; public safety committee - Mr. Henderson and Mr. Mathis; public works committee - Mr. Culpepper and Mr. Mathis; Community Council representative - Mr. Henderson; planning committee representatives - Mr. Mathis, Mr. Nance, and the administrator; finance committee representative - Mr. Nance, Mr. Henderson, Mrs. Leverett; and Storm water Mitigation committee - Mr. Culpepper and the administrator.


Chairman Mathis reported that we have received a letter of resignation from Tucker Price, Crisp County Extension Agent, and we wanted him to come to let the people know what is going on and also to let him know how much the commissioners appreciate what he has done in Crisp County. Mr. Price stated that it has been a privilege and a joy to serve the citizens of this county, especially the agricultural community, and to work with this Board of Commissioners. He has mixed emotions of leaving, he will be going to Cook County, but it is a good move for him and his family. Mr. Culpepper thanked him for his service and wished he and his wife well. Mr. Nance stated that he appreciates his service and dedication to our community, and he certainly understands you have to move around, especially if it is in the best interest of the family. Mr. Henderson stated that he is going to be missed, and he has established a personal relationship working with the farmers, we wish you well and you have done a tremendous job. Mr. Price thanked them for their kind words and stated it has been his pleasure. Mr. Culpepper asked if they had talked about his replacement, and Mr. Price advised that process has not been started yet and it will be worked through their district office in Tifton. Chairman Mathis stated that he knows Tucker will be missed and appreciate the time he has spent here and the information he have given out; Cook County will be gaining and it will be our loss. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to accept the resignation of Tucker Price, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Connie Sangster, Planning Director, reported that she has received a request from Jack Mallory to abandon a 30-foot strip of land that was left for a boat slip at the lake at the time the subdivision was developed. This has never been used, and Mr. Mallory owns property on both sides of this strip. She has talked with Crisp County Power, they have no easements across this property, and the county doesn't have any drainage easements here either. Mr. Mallory has been maintaining it, and, if approved, we ask that they get the deed back to the county within 60 days so we can get it recorded and on the tax digest. Chairman Mathis asked Mr. Mallory if he was aware that he had 60 days to get the deed back to the county, and Mr. Mallory replied yes. Chairman Mathis opened the public hearing, and asked if anyone wanted to speak in favor of the request. Mr. Mallory stated that he did own both pieces of property between this slip, and he would like to tie everything together. No one else spoke in favor of the request, and Chairman Mathis asked if anyone wanted to speak in opposition. No one spoke in opposition and Chairman Mathis closed the public hearing. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to abandon the 30 foot slip on Scenic Route and give Mr. Mallory 60 days to complete the paperwork and get back to Ms. Sangster, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett advised that this resolution to adopt an easement acquisition policy is a requirement of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and Kay Hagler from River Valley Regional Commission, who is replacing Jarred McCarthy as the grant administrator on our CDBG 2010 project, is here today. Mrs. Leverett stated that this project continues our North side redevelopment with storm water drainage and street improvements. Mrs. Hagler stated that the policy is a standard Department of Community Affairs approved policy, and it should not conflict with the county's standard acquisition policy. She advised that the county attorney has reviewed and approved the policy and it is basically directed only at the acquisition for the CDBG 2010. They have all the acquisitions written up and ready to go out to the individual landowners, and she will be telephoning them today to talk with them as well. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to adopt the CDBG 10 Acquisition Policy Resolution, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Hagler advised that the Commissioners do need to make a decision on the application for the CDBG 12 project; the application is due on April 2, 2012, and they would need to acquire an engineer or an architect for that project. She stated that the Commissioners were debating between two projects, one was for the health department and the other was for rehabilitation of one of their ongoing projects. By moving forward today, she would put out a RFQ for an engineer or an architect and begin investigating that project, but it does not mean that they cannot change immediately. Mr. Henderson stated that he thinks that the health department should be given priority as it delivers an essential service to the citizens of this county and even though the amount of the grant may not be adequate to fund the complete project, he feels like that according to a need basis, we definitely would go to the front of the line with this grant. Mrs. Hagler reminded commissioners that these type grants are not a maintenance-type issue but they will definitely look at how to factor it under the CDBG beneficiary compliant issues. Mr. Nance stated that he thinks the board has pretty much made a consensus that the health department was probably the best project and would leverage higher in order to get the funding, and asked if we had identified a location for the health department. Chairman Mathis stated no but we were talking about doing something where it is now. Mrs. Hagler stated that they haven't identified a location yet but they will be doing that soon. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to approve the health department as our CDBG 2012 Project, seconded by Mr. Henderson, motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Hagler advised that the Transportation Enhancement Grants should be coming out this year, anywhere from April to December, as she knew one of the items they had thought about before was a need for some sidewalks in a particular area, so they may want to direct that when the grants do come out.


Craig Moye with Mauldin & Jenkins, county auditors, stated that they have been auditing Crisp County for a while now, they appreciate the opportunity, and as in the past, the financial statements are the responsibility of the county's management and the County Commission members. He stated that the responsibly of the auditor is to express an opinion on these financial statements, and they did audit the county's financial statements in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America and government auditing standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States. As of June 30, 2011 the county received an unqualified or clean opinion, which states that there were no material misstatements in the financial statements and everything is reported properly. One other note that was added this year is that the county did implement GASB 54, which changed the way fund balance is reported. He reported total assets for the county were around $75 million, almost $57 million of this is tied up in capital assets, with total net assets of about $65 million. Total expenses for the governmental activities were around $22.3 million and business-type activities of $4.7 million, which gives total expenses for the year of about $27 million, a decrease of about $2 million in net assets, which also takes into consideration depreciation and some of those non-cash items. Total assets in the Governmental Funds as of June 30, 2011 were around $7.4 million in General Fund, with total liabilities of about $1.2 million, leaving a total fund balances of about $6.2 million, with about $4.8 million available to spend. He stated that is pretty healthy seeing that the county spends about $1.3 million per month in the General Fund, so this will carry you through November or December when you start collecting the 2012 property taxes. The 2000 Sales Tax Fund had total assets of $1.5 million, the 2005 Sales Tax Fund was around $4 million, giving total assets in all the Governmental Funds of about $15 million, and if you take away the $1.4 million worth of liabilities, you will have almost $14 million worth of fund balances. He stated that the Income Statement showed total revenues for the General Fund were $15.2 million, total expenditures of about $15.5 million, shows a small loss of about $300,000, combined with some transfers out to other funds, you had a net change in fund balance of about $650,000, and given today's economy, that is not bad at all. The county had originally budgeted revenues of $13.4 million, and the actual revenues collected at the end of the year was $15.2 million, so you were significantly over in the budgeted revenues. Mrs. Leverett made some budgets adjustments during the year, so overall compared to the final budget; you were about $67,000 over budget without use of surplus funds. Total expenses were budgeted at $14 million and you had planned on using about $718,000 worth of fund balance, and in the end you only used $650,000, so it shows you were in line with your cost savings and didn't dip into your fund balance as much as you thought you were. Mrs. Leverett advised that a big chunk of the revenue increase was the $750,000 flow-through from Crisp County Power Commission on Inland Port project. Mr. Moye advised that total assets in the water system were around $5 million, total liabilities of about $1.7 million, with a majority of those revenue bonds, leaving total net assets of $3.4 million. Total assets in the landfill fund was $8.3 million with about $7 million in capital assets and with liabilities related to notes payable and the closure and post-closure brought total net assets for the landfill down to about $842,000. Total operating revenues for the water system were at $550,000, total operating expenses were about $530,000 and combined with some non-operating items, there was a small loss of about $31,000. In the landfill, there was about $2 million worth of revenues while spending only $1.3 million and with some small changes in non-operating incomes and expense, there was an increase of net assets of $536,000. In the insurance fund there was a small loss of $369,000, but there is a reserve in that fund. He stated that the county was subject to a single audit this year, and we had no issues related to this as everything was in compliance and internal control was sufficient; we do continue to have the one small finding relating to segregation of duties, and that is something that is never going to go away because it is not feasible. They had no journal entry findings this year, and hats off to the finance department for reporting to them the numbers. Chairman Mathis thanked Mr. Moye for his presentation, and Commissioners appreciate what they do.


Mrs. Leverett reported that as required they have advertise the RFQ for the construction management contract for the jail expansion. Bids were opened on January 3rd, we received four proposals, and they have been reviewed and scored by a committee in accordance with the terms outlined in the RFQ. The scores are included in their packet, and Dublin Construction earned the highest score based on the criteria that was set forth in the RFQ. The review committee wishes to recommend that Dublin Construction be awarded the bid for this contract. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to accept the bid from Dublin Construction for the construction management for the jail expansion, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to prepare the contract in accordance with the terms of the RFQ and the bid proposal for Dublin Construction and give the chairman the authority of sign the paperwork, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that in September the commissioners approved the purchase of a LPR machine, the tag scanner reader machine that reads the tags as the cars go by. The terms that were approved was that the sheriff would buy the machine out of drug funds, and the county would reimburse that fund from the revenues received as a result of the fines generated by this machine. He has purchased the first machine and according to the numbers he has provided from October 21-30, 2011, there were a good number of violations assessed by this machine, and the total projected revenue from just those tickets during that time period was over $7,000. She stated that there is a forty-five day lag time from when the tickets are written and we receive the money, but we are starting to see some of that money come in. The sheriff has requested to buy another machine with the same deal in that he will purchase the machine out of drug funds, and once we identify that the revenue has been received, we will repay the fund for the machine. Once we have repaid him for the two machines, any revenue beyond that goes into the General Fund to help us with our budget. Mr. Henderson stated that his understanding was that he could not put this machine in a regular patrol car, and there was a discussion on whether or not he was going to have to purchase a vehicle. He asked if the $18,000 for the machine is the total expenditure or are we going to have to purchase a car also. Chairman Mathis stated that we were fortunate that the Office of Highway Safety gave the county a vehicle for the first machine. Mrs. Leverett stated that the county was not going to have to buy another vehicle. Chairman Mathis advised that he thinks that this one may fit into the existing units. Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to approve the purchase of another LPR machine for the Sheriff's Department with money to purchase the machine to come out of the drug fund account and county will repay the fund when the money is collected, seconded by Mr. Nance, motion carried unanimously.


Carl Gamble, Public Works Director, reported that 1) we have received the request from the Department of Transportation for the $86,000 that Commissioners had approved a few month ago for the resurfacing project for Tremont and Hatley Roads, so they will now have our 5 miles of resurfacing in the March 18th DOT letting; 2) the new hangar at the airport is substantially complete, there will be a walk through in the next day or two; 3) his department is winding up the work they were doing at the landfill; 4) they are still working on the off-system safety plans and as soon as we get an update, then we will know which ones will fall under our re-stripping and re-signage; 5) regarding the Go Fish project, they are waiting on a delivery date for the fishing pier, then they can give us a date of when construction will begin; 6) DOT has issued a permit to the school board for ingress and egress on Old Hately Road, but they did issue the permit with a recommendation to put in a west left turn lane; 7) we are ready to do whatever in-kind work we need to do in the Omar Heights area; and 8) public works is continuing on with their maintenance issues right now. Chairman Mathis thanked Mr. Gamble and his crew for what they do.


Mrs. Leverett reported that included in their packet today is an executive summary on the fiscal condition of the County's three major funds as of 12/31/11. The financial data included on the first page is preliminary and based on information available to the Finance Department as of last Thursday when the packets were prepared. The General Fund recorded revenues of $2,650.927 and $6,545,830 year to date; Monthly expenditures of $1,775,926 and year to date expenditures of $7,251,985 allowing us to close the negative gap between revenues and expenditures down to about 4% or ($706,155.). These figures include about 43% of the 2011 property tax revenue collections. She is sure Cricket has collected more than that, but it has not been processed to Finance yet. For the Landfill Fund, monthly revenues totaled $106,011 and year to date; $602,347. Expenditures finished the month at $110,349 bringing that YTD total to $515,352 leaving the Landfill Fund with a net gain of $86,995. The total tonnage of 3,223.92 is up about 200 tons both from last month and last December. Of the tonnage received, about 41% was delivered by Veolia on their commercial contract and 22% under the residential account. The GEFA Loans are current at $2.5 million and $2.7 million. The Water Fund recorded monthly revenues of $33,213; YTD revenues of $251,853. December expenditures totaled $43,931; YTD expenditures, $224,792, leaving the Water Fund with a net gain at 12/31/11 of $27,061. Water usage billed for the month was 3,874,000 gallons & The USDA Bonds are current at $1.6 million. In the cash on hand report, the General Fund had $5.6 million, the Landfill Fund, a little over $1.0 million, the RLF $190,579, the SPLOST Funds, $6.7 million and the Water Fund ended the month with $1.3 million giving us a county wide total at 12/31/11 of $14.9 million. In the budget to actual report for the 2000 SPLOST ISSUE, we have spent $17 million of the $17.6 million dollars collected, leaving us with a little over $600,000 to complete projects remaining under that issue, most of which is county roads. Following that is the SPLOST budget to actual summary report for the 2005 Issue. Distribution number 71 of $298,899 brings our issue to date total collections to $24.4 million and drops our monthly average another $641 down to $343,824. To date we have spent $19.5 million on projects associated with this issue. This month's distribution representing November retail sales is up, slightly, 1.6% over last month but down 5.1% from this same time period of 2010. December disbursements totaled only $104,783. Projects benefiting were the Crisp County Airport and County Roads. In the updated spreadsheet on L.O.S.T. distributions, this month's distribution of $140,482 is up, over last month by the same percent as SPLOST, 1.58%, but down 5.14% from last year. In the CDBG Revolving Loan Fund monthly report, which includes the balance and status of all our CDBG Revolving Loan Fund Accounts, the number of loans remains at eleven with an outstanding balance due at 12/31/11 of $2,289,883. The last report is the revenues by fund and expenditures by department report. As of this report, all departments and divisions should be within or less than 50% of their annual spending allowances. Overall the General Fund was at 49%, the Water Fund at 37% and the Landfill fund at 33%.


Mrs. Leverett reported that this is the first step that we take each year to develop the FY13 budget process and the 2012 ad valorum tax digest process. It sets the dates for the budget and all the required steps for the process are included in this calendar; it is a time line to make sure we get both of the processes done in the order that the state tells us they want it done. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to adopt the 2012 Budget Calendar, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that each year we apply through the Georgia Department of Transportation for funding to assist our Third Party Operator, Resource Management Systems, with operational funds for the public transit system know as CART, Cordele Area Rural Transport. The first step in that process for 2012 is to authorize the resolution to basically apply for the funds. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to approve the Resolution Authorizing 2012 GDOT Application For 5311 Transit Program and authorize the chairman to sign the documents associated with submitting this application, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that Dave Willis, with Association County Commissioners of Georgia, has sent an email requesting that the county appoint a legislative coordinator by resolution. This is usually a staff person so that ACCG has a single point of contract. Mr. Crapse was our coordinator, we have had a little bit of traffic from them since Mr. Crapse has been gone and it will pick up as the legislative session starts. She has been doing this informally since Mr. Crapse left, she will be glad to continue or if they want to appoint someone else that is okay too. Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to appoint Sherrie Leverett as the County Legislative Coordinator until we get a permanent administrator, seconded by Mr. Nance, motion carried unanimously.


Ed Vaughn, spokesperson for the Industrial Development Authority, reported that there is a lot to be optimistic for in 2012 as we have a lot going on with Chexar, Big Tex, and the Internodel facility, with this and historic revenue sources for the Industrial Development Authority declining in the past couple of years, they come before the Commissioners because right now their financial health is not quite up to par. Our request would be to impose a 1/2 mill tax rate increase for economic projects for a three-year period. Hopefully by then some of the investments they have made, along with the Intermodel facility and some of our historic typical revenue sources such as bond proceeds, property sales and building sales will have picked up by then. They feel a 1/2 mill increase for a three-year period, along with some of the other income that they have coming in, would be sufficient to carry the IDA finances to the next upcoming years. He stated that the IDA has no established revenue stream in the past. Historically they have operated from bond proceeds, those proceeds have pretty much dried up over the past couple of years without the issuance of companies coming in and utilizing that source of revenue; also property and building sales have been stagnant, and they have been delving into CD's that they have had on retainer through Owens Corning over the past couple of years that they forfeited. They have expended over $200,000 in the past two years with things suck as the Sam's Shortline depot repairs, Darton College maintenance and operations, Inland Port environment engineering and sit work, and the spec building loan. Their annual expenses are usually for attorney's fees to cover memorandum of understandings, leases, grant documents review, and general legal work. They are asking for a 1/2 mill of tax for a three-year period, and then they believe at that time the Intermodel facility, among other things, will be paying them back for lift fees and that will generate between $100,000 to $300,000 per year on top of the typical revenue sources. They feel this will be able to help them to move forward and continue the economic development they have got going right now. Commissioner Henderson, who sits on the Sams Shortline Board, stated that while revenues for Sams Shortline have not been what they though they were going to be, the revenues were adequate, so he though everything was fine with Sams Shortline. Bobby Sheppard reported that IDA owns the Sams Shortline building, and IDA has leased the building to the Sams Shortline Authority at zero interest but they do pay the insurance and liability coverage on the building. That was the reason that they came because we provided them a free building, and the IDA has nothing to do with the operations. He advised that about two years ago, the adjoining building owners joint wall was about to collapse, the IDA did the work after borrowing the money from the Revolving Loan Fund, and that is part of the drain on IDA's funding. Mr. Sheppard stated that they have issued bonds to several companies that have come here for their construction in the past, but now other means of financing are available to them, so the IDA finds their selves in financial straights. Last year their expenses exceeded $275,000, and without input of loans and the public entities injecting into the IDA, there would be a deficient of about $185,000. Chairman Mathis advised that he appreciates them bringing this information today instead of May or June when we have our budget almost complete; this gives us time to work on seeing what we could do about this. Commissioner Henderson stated that he thinks this county has got the best opportunity now, and he commends the people on the IDA, IDC Boards and Bruce Drennan but we have to be very careful with the steps that we take that we don't kill an opportunity, but at the same time you don't want to jump out there and get yourself overextended. We are caught between two things, one of which is declining revenues, and the other is there is no way that we can fund the current county operations with ad valorum taxes. He advised that he will give this every consideration but he would like to see them come back to the Commissioners with some long-term solutions as is this 1/2 mill going to solve the problem. If he votes to raise property taxes, he has to be able to tell the taxpayers why he did it and it was to the benefit of everybody. We cannot afford to let you go belly up, but he can't bail you out if he doesn't know what he does is going to help them. Mr. Sheppard stated that they have done an analysis and several counties around us have gone through the same situation and have instituted that; he understands where he is coming from about taxes, that is not a very good received aspect, however it all depends upon what are the other sources of income to fund IDA. It is critical that the IDA remain a viable entity. Commissioner Henderson agreed. Mr. Sheppard advised they would be glad to come back to them or have a work session to give them all the information that they need to make a decision. By common consent, Commissioners tabled the request until they receive more information.


Mrs. Leverett reported that Jarred McCarthy of the River Valley Regional Commission (RVRC) has requested that we appoint a staff member to the Regional Advisory Committee on 5311 Transit grant programs. The formation of the board is a requirement under the job access and reverse commute funding, which is part of some transit funding that was received at RVRC. Most of this information is obtained from the finance department because it involves grants and the 5311 programs, and she would like to request that they appoint Annie Ruth McGlamry to this board. She is basically handling all the grant money for the finance department, and she would be the most reasonable person to sit on this board. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to appoint Annie Ruth McGlamry to the Regional Advisory Committee on 5311 Transit grant programs, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that we should receive the first distribution on the 2011 SPLOST issue before the end of February for January. The state requires us to keep SPLOST funds in a separate bank account; they have contacted all the local banks to see who would give us the best deal on setting up this account. Colony Bank was the best offer, and they will be setting up the 2012 SPLOST Issue bank account there. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adopt the 2011 Splost Issue Bank Account Resolution, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Randy Welch stated that he is here to address the Commissioners about the road he lives on, Drayton Road. He has been to this board more times than he can account for, he has lived in this area for about 18 years, and Commissioners have kicked this can around for that many years and it is time to stop kicking the can around and lets fix it. He stated that there is a new addition on this road that was put in about two years ago, there is a spot in that road in two sections probably as wide as this room is long already; the road is already undermining itself because the ground water is going through that hole. The road has buckled at the railroad tracks, and on heavy traveled roads you have to put a soil-based cement down to make the roads hold up. Drayton Road is a dangerous road, and we have money to do everything in the county except fix that road. He stated that Mr. Culpepper represents that district, and he expects him to lead the charge on that for them. That road is over 70 years old and not a sole can tell you when it has ever been resurfaced. He is asking them to address the road the drainage problems on the road, and straighten some of the dead man curves on the road. Lets fix the road so they can enjoy some of their tax revenues. He stated that he supports the new health department but let's save the taxpayers a little bit of money and use the old hospital as it is already built and right across the street from the new hospital. Regarding the hangar at the airport, is the rent going to cover the cost of the building, and do we collect all the money off the fuel and airport hangar fees at the airport, if we are not, we should be able to collect it. Also, regarding the boat ramps at the lake, he is not against the man that was here earlier, that is a public lake, public access to that public lake needs to be kept open at all cost. Also, you are talking about the radar machines for the Sheriff Department, but he has been on the road long enough that he knows South Carolina is in legislation about these same things, make sure before you go pumping a bunch of money into them that all the legalities are cleared up. Investigate before you invest, and look at it before you take somebody's word. He stated that his main concern is Drayton Road needs to be fixed. Chairman Mathis thanked Mr. Welch for his comments.


Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to go into Executive Session to discuss real estate, personnel, and potential litigation, seconded by Mr. Nance, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Henderson, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to nominate Phil Berryman to the Crisp County Hospital Authority. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to close the nominations, and Mr. Berryman was appointed to the Crisp County Hospital Authority for a five-year term running from 01/01/12 through 12/31/16.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to appoint Lonnie Jacobs to the Crisp County Department of Family & Children Services to fill the remainder of the term vacated by the resignation of Esther Gonzalez running from 01/01/12 through 06/30/16, seconded by Mr. Henderson, motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Mathis reported that after we advertised we had no applicants for this board. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to re advertise the appointment to the Region 4 Mental Health Development Disabilities Board, seconded by Mr. Nance, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Harris to reappoint Chip Wells to the Airport Authority for five-year term running from 01/01/12 through 12/31/16, seconded by Mr. Henderson, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to nominate Durwood Plummer to fill the expired term of Wayne Castleberry, deceased. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to close the nominations, and Mr. Plummer was appointed to the Crisp County Airport Advisory Board for a five-year term running from 01/01/12 through 12/31/16.


Motion was made by Mr. Nance to reappoint Mark Crenshaw to the Crisp County Recreation Advisory Board for a three-year term running from 01/01/12 through 12/31/14, seconded by Mr. Henderson, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Nance to nominate Harry Fox. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to nominate Mike Hutchens. Mr. Fox was appointed by a three to one vote to the Crisp County Recreation Advisory Board for a three-year term running from 01/01/12 through 12/31/14.


Motion was made by Mr. Nance to advertise the top three finalists - Mrs. Sherrie Leverett, Mr. Carl Gamble, and Mrs. Martha Hendley in the selection for administrator, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously. Ms. Finch will contact all three candidates to allow them an opportunity to opt out before the names are published.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel, seconded by Mr. Nance, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Henderson to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adjourn the meeting at 12:30 p.m., seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.

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