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Chairman Authur James Nance called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., with Commissioners James D. Harris, Brad Faircloth, William Culpepper, and Wallace Mathis in attendance. Others present were County Administrator Lester E. Crapse, Jr., County Attorney Rick Lawson, Finance Director Sherrie Leverett, and Secretary Linda Finch. Commissioner Faircloth gave the invocation, and Administrator Crapse led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Chairman Nance welcomed all in attendance.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on May 11, 2010 and the called meeting held on May 27, 2010, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that Commissioners need to adopt the Crisp County Joint Solid Waste Management Plan - 2007-2019. The reason those dates sound a little awkward is because this is the same plan that the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) required the Board to adopt in 2007, which ran through 2017. However since that time DCA has changed their mind and wanted the end dates to be the same as the Comprehensive Plan, so the plan has been extended by two years to cover 2018 and 2019. Everything else runs the same, and it puts it in compliance with the County's Comprehensive Plan; he recommends the Board adopt the revised Plan. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to adopt the Crisp County Joint Solid Waste Management Plan - 2007-2019, dates to coincide with the Comprehensive Plan, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that it is sometimes difficult in getting all the right words on a single sheet of paper as Mrs. McKinney has done so much for the community and has had so much success. He read the Resolution Honoring County Agent and County Extension Coordinator Sandra McKinney commending her for her 34 years of service and exemplary performance as an Educator, County 4-H Agent, District Ag/4-H Program Development Specialist, County Family and Consumer Sciences' Agent and County Extension Coordinator, on the occasion of her retirement. Mrs. McKinney stated that it has been such a pleasure to serve the young people and the families of Crisp County, it has been a rewarding career, and not everyone gets to live their dream career. She stated that at the age of 13 she decided that she wanted to be a County Extension Agent, and God blessed her with the opportunity to do that, and she could not think of any place she would have rather been to serve people than here in Crisp County. One of her former 4-H'ers is a County Commissioner, William Culpepper, and she will never forget his first time on stage running for an office as a junior 4-H'er at Rock Eagle. Some of those running for County Commissioner are also former 4-H'ers. She stated that 4-H has been about raising young people to assume leadership positions, and she certainly hopes that tradition continues in the future. She thanked Mr. Crapse and Commissioners for all the support they have given extension, and she appreciates this very much. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to Adopt the Resolution Honoring County Agent and County Extension Coordinator Sandra F. McKinney, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried unanimously. Chairman Nance, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners, thanked Mrs. McKinney for her tireless efforts and for all the work she has done for the citizens of our county. All other Commissioners thanked Mrs. McKinney for her work to the community.


Administrator Crapse read the Proclamation Recognizing Public Safety Telecommunications Week honoring the men and women whose diligence and professionalism keep our County and citizens safe and proclaim the week of June 6th thru June 12th, 2010 as Public Safety Telecommunications Week in Crisp County. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to adopt a Proclamation to Recognize Public Safety Telecommunications Week, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously. Commissioners thanked the group of dispatchers that were present for their compassion, understanding, and professionalism during the performance of the jobs. Chairman Nance asked each to introduce themselves so that the Commissioners could personally thank them for their hard work and dedication; also a special thank you to Colonel Hancock for reminding Commissioners to recognize them. Telecommunication operators present were Linda Herman, Twanna Reese, Warren Stowe, Dechelle Davis, Charles Bobo, and Anquarrus Barrett, and they all thanked Commissioners for the Proclamation and recognizing them today.


Administrator Crapse read the Proclamation Recognizing Emergency Medical Services Week and honoring the men and women who serve the citizens of Crisp County with their lifesaving expertise, that the week of June 6th through June 12, 2010 is declared Emergency Medical Service Week in Crisp County with the theme, "EMS: Anytime, Anywhere, We'll Be There", and encourage the community to observe this week. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adopt A Proclamation To Recognize EMS Week, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously. Chairman Nance, on behalf of the Commissioners, thanked David Edwards and his staff for their hard work and dedication. Mr. Edwards thanked the Commissioners and Administrator for all the support they give them, and on behalf of his employees, he is happy to accept this Proclamation. Mr. Edwards also thanked the E-911 operators and advised that they rely on them every day and every call, and appreciated them looking after them as they get them to the right place and call and check on them while they are there. Each Commissioner also thanked David and his staff for the good service and caring work they do.


Administrator Crapse read the Proclamation for "Watermelon Days" in Crisp County making this the 61st Annual Watermelon Days Festival will be held June 3-6, 2010; it is the oldest festival in Georgia, and Crisp County is the Number One watermelon county in Georgia and has the highest concentration of watermelons in the entire world, and recognizing the watermelon growers and brokers. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to adopt the Watermelon Days Proclamation, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously. Commissioners thanked Monica and her committee for the hard work they do in making this festival so successful. Mrs. Simmons introduced members of the Watermelon Committee, which included Jimmy Adkins, who handles the entertainment on the day of the arts & crafts festival, Charles Hughes, Chamber Chairman Phil Berryman, Ed Vaughan, Richard Grogg, and Rusty Slade. She advised that all these guys attend all of their watermelon committee meetings, and this committee works hard all year round. She stated that there are over 30 events this year, and encourages everybody to support the festival, and thanked the Board and her committee for their support.


Administrator Crapse read the Resolution honoring Dr. Napoleon Williams recognizing his loyalty to his family and community, recognizing the contributions he made to the community, one being the donation of property for the first Habitat for Humanity home in Cordele, and honoring his life and legacy by the resolution. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adopt the Resolution Recognizing The Contributions of Dr. Napoleon Williams, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Connie Sangster, Planning Director, reported that Commissioners need to readopt the Soil Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Ordinance. We became the local issuing authority in 2000. In 2007, the state required that local issuing authorities become certified; this ordinance, the same but does clarify the minor land disturbing activities, will keep the county as the local issuing authority and will keep the County's certification. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to Readopt The Crisp County Soil Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Ordinance, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that today's packet includes the executive summary for the month of May 2010 as well as eleven months year to date. Because the meeting fell early this month, the numbers included are very preliminary, as a good portion of the activity for May was not submitted to Finance in time to be included. Based on the information received, the General Fund recorded revenue for the month so far at $680,123 bringing the YTD number to $12,364,200. $962,052 in expenditures recorded so far for the month brings that year to date total to $12,391,120. Both of these are running at about 86% of annual projections, which leaves the General Fund basically at a break-even point with expenditures exceeding revenues by only $26,920. This is about $300,000 less than May of 2009. For the Landfill Fund, we have $102,809 in accrued monthly revenue pushing that YTD number up to $1,152,415. Monthly expenditures of $79,053; year to date, $1,074,026, leaves the landfill reporting a YTD net gain of $78,389, about $20,000 better than this time last year, but remember these numbers are based on accrued revenue. The total tonnage received for the month of May at 3139.71, is down about 300 tons from last year. Approximately 46% of that was received from Veolia under their commercial contract and 19% under the residential contract. Also included in that number and going into the newly constructed cells, were 258.6 tons of C&D waste. The GEFA Loans are current at $3.1 million. As of this report, we had recorded $32,920 in monthly revenue and $367,522 YTD for the Water Fund. Expenditures so far for the month totaled $35,319; YTD $434,148, and leaving the Water Fund with a net loss at 5/31/10 of $66,626. This is down about $60,000 from this same time last year. Water usage billed for the month was 5,373,000 gallons. Water usage is down from May 2009, about 1,000,000 gallons. The USDA Bonds are current at $1,666,584. Next is the Cash Report for May. In the General Fund we have $6.1 million; the Landfill Fund, $2.1 million, the revolving loan fund $248,295, the SPLOST Funds, $2.7 million and the Water Fund ended the month with $970,449 leaving us with a county wide total of $11.8 million, down over $6.0 million from May of 2009. Most of that difference can be attributed to the SPLOST Funds, but the General Fund is down about $1 million and the Landfill Fund about $500,000. Next are the SPLOST reports. In the 2000 Issue we have spent $16.2 million of the $17.6 million dollars collected, leaving us with a little over $1.4 million to apply to the projects remaining under this issue. Following that is the 2005 SPLOST Issue budget to actual by category summary report; to date we have total collections of $18,382,842, total expenditures of $19,033,966. Distribution number 52 of $316,611 drops our average another $1,000, down to $353,516, $26,000 off what it was at May 2009. Next is the monthly detail listing of both SPLOST Fund expenditures. Total disbursements for the month of May were $71,374. Projects benefiting from SPLOST funds during the month were the Crisp County Airport, The Town of Arabi, the City of Cordele, County Roads, the new Courthouse, and the Government Center. In the CDBG Revolving Loan Fund monthly report, which includes the balance and status of all our CDBG Revolving Loan Fund Accounts. We remain at ten (10) outstanding loans with a total balance due of $2.1 million. Five are current and five are delinquent and have been turned over to legal. The last report is the revenues by fund and expenditures by department summary report which shows the expended percentage of appropriations for each individual department and the total for each fund. As of this report, the General Fund Expenditures were at 86%, the Landfill at 70% and the Water Fund at 88%, excluding depreciation, which we don't budget for.


Administrator Crapse reported that they are recommending a consideration of fee increases, which include driveway pipe, recreation fees, landfill tipping fees, and water use fees. We introduced these at the budget workshop, but they are not official until the Board approves or disapproves them. He advised that as long as they can remember the county has been putting in driveway pipes for the cost of the pipe only, so this will be a graduated scale that starts off with a basic 24' long 15" pipe and goes on up to 24" pipe, and with special consideration for those at 30" or above. He advised that they will take the price of the pipe, which right now is $116.40 for a 15" pipe, we would add 20%, or $23.38, for the shipping and handling charges that we occur, $100 for fill dirt that we have to acquire and bring to the site, and then 7% taxes, which would make the total of a 15" driveway pipe at $256. They had received prices from our surrounding counties are pretty consistent with what they charge. He advised that they have a guideline to go by with the other pipes also; it doesn't bring in a tremendous amount of revenue, but it does bring us in line with what most of our surrounding counties are doing. It also allows us to recover some of the costs that we are incurring now, which we have not been charging for the in the past. Regarding the recreation fees, we would recommend a modest increase in the rental rates at the recreation center, some increases in the cost of field rentals, and some increases in participant sports fees of about $10 effective July 1, 2010. The first impact this will have in the participant sports will be football season. He advised that we have close to a $900,000 budget for recreation, and our fees and rentals make up about $250,000-$260,000. There is quite a difference in the cost of operations and what we are recovering, although recreation is not suppose to be self-sufficient; but in order to keep the overall services low and our taxes in-line, we feel like it is necessary to do some of these things. Administrator Crapse advised that they have had several clinics at the recreation department also. Mr. Faircloth asked if they had a good response, and the Administrator advised that from what he heard they have, and people like to come and use our facility. He advised that some people don't particularly like all the rules that are necessary to protect our complex but it is clear that they like it and want to come out and use it. Mr. Faircloth asked an audience member, Joe Joe Wright, what his opinion of the fields were when he had an umpire clinic there. Mr. Wright stated that he had 10 new umpires that came out and spent 6 hours in the hot sun to learn the mechanics of the game, which would increase the overall competency of the umpires that we have in the surrounding communities. Mr. Faircloth asked if that was a county function, or did Mr. Wright do it on his own. Mr. Wright stated that he did it because he had a lot of interest in it from several people. Mr. Faircloth asked if he thought the price was fair for what he had to rent the field for, and Mr. Wright stated yes. Mr. Faircloth asked him how he rented the field, and Mr. Wright stated by the hour. Because of the proposed budget public hearing that was scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Chairman Nance tabled this discussion until after the public hearing.


Mrs. Leverett reported that she had advertised the Public Hearing on the FY-2011 proposed budget for Crisp County. She stated that the proposed budget is balanced at this point for every fund. The General Fund is balanced at $14,4 million, The Water Fund at $415,600, the Landfill Fund at $1.3 million with $100,000 in transfers from the General Fund, the E-911 Fund at $758,000 with $277,291 in transfers from the General Fund, the Jail Fund at $158,000 with $13,000 in transfers from the General Fund, the Law Library at $31,000, the DARE Fund at $25,000, the Northside Water and Sewer Special Revenue Fund at $100,000, the 2000 SPLOST Fund at $1.2 million, the 2005 SPLOST Fund at $3.6 million the CDBG Revolving Loan Fund at $30,500, and the Asset Forfeiture Fund at $50,000, giving a county-wide budget of $22,281,058. She reported that the total outside agencies support proposed for FY-11 is $525,546; the called meeting to adopt the budget is set for June 29th at 10:00 a.m. She advised that this budget does not include any increase in ad valorum tax rate, and she thanked the Constitutional Officers, Directors, and all involved in this year's budget as it has not been an easy year, but all have been very understanding. Chairman Nance opened the Public Hearing for the FY-2011 proposed budget, and asked for any comments. The Administrator advised that during our last work session, there were a number of things that were discussed that have now been changed: They acknowledged the $1,000 change for the Magistrate Court, left the Health Department and Mental Health contributions as they had previously been set at 50% of the 2009 levels, and there was a reduction of $6,000 in contributions to IDC and that $6,000 went to the payment of the Darton College expense that was requested from the higher education committee. Since that was a last minute change, he did ask Bruce Drennan, Executive Director of the IDC, if he would like to address the Board. Mr. Drennan stated that IDC has also paid $6,400 out of their budget towards Darton, which brings the IDC contribution to Darton College at over $12,000. He stated that when you look at what the IDC has asked for in contributions over the years at $12,000 each from the county and city, they feel that goes a long way to help recruit jobs, and cutting in by $6,000, he personally doesn't think that is real wise to do, but he understands the logic as far as being able to help the Chamber with the Darton College project. He asked if this is going to be a continuing cut, and Administrator Crapse advised that he doesn't think the Board can really predict that as it really depends on revenues and the economy; the concern of the Board is to be as easy on the broad spectrum of taxpayers across the county as they possibly can. The bottom line is to maintain a stable tax rate for the citizens of the county, and the Board tried to put the resources where they were most needed today. Mr. Drennan stated that the county's contribution of $12,00 per year to the IDC is the cost of recruiting 1/2 of one job per year, so cutting that from our budget is like cutting your sales force or cutting your advertising budget when you sales are down. He is looking at this from an IDC recruitment standpoint, and he certainly appreciates what Commissioners are doing from a budget-cut standpoint; but he would ask that they consider that contribution to IDC. It puts them contributing over $12,000 to Darton College, and he thinks that is a unfair burden to them and especially not notifying him ahead of time so he could speak in depth about what effect that is going to have on them. Administrator Crapse advised that this just happened at the last work session last Thursday. Phil Berryman, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, stated that he understands the process Commissioners are going through as all businesses, including his own, are having to make a lot of decisions that we don't like to make. He expressed concern in the Chamber's budget cuts again this year as they took some cuts last year as well. We feel like the Chamber is a collective group of business leaders to promote a better business environment for our community as we know that our rural community is challenged in many ways so they try to represent their selves in Atlanta and Washington, but they also try to support the things that are going to enhance our current work force. He advised that any reconsideration for the current cut, as they have drastically cut their expenses within the Chamber with only a staff of two people now, and watching everything that they do and only doing what they feel like they can afford to do. Second thing Mr. Berryman wanted to talk about is the Darton expense. They do appreciate the current request that was made on behalf of the IDA to fund the operating budget, and he asked for reconsideration in the FY-2011 budget year. The Chamber has been working on the Darton College campus for 25 years, which will be a great thing for our community; it is just a question of whether or not we can afford it. It has now been moved from the idea stage to the conceptual stage as we now have a plan in place, but the Chamber has taken the budget as far as they possibly could in the temporary facility. We do feel like we are outgrowing the current facility, and we really want to establish that permanent campus and take advantage of what the Board of Regents has promised them of permanent funding for a permanent campus if we build the building. He stated that they feel it is important to keep the temporary operating budget in place at the current facility so that they can continue to operate. Administrator Crapse advised that the Darton request from the IDA came in November 2009 and was requested from the county in May 2010, there has been no formal request for funding in 2011, so it is not in the county's budget. When we met with folks at the workshop, it was indicated by the individuals that this money could be split between 2010 and 2011 budgets, so based on that and with our ongoing budget situation in 2011, the adjustments were made and we provided all that money in this year's budget so that we would not have to carry that money forward for 2011. Chairman Nance stated that all things in the budget are important to them, but bottom line is we have so much money, we have to balance our budget, and we wish we could do more but we just can't. We need to continue to work together and hope for better times. Monica Simmons stated that on behalf of Keep Crisp Beautiful, they have taken another cut this year and that is going to really hurt what they are able to do about cleaning up the community. That person is already part-time, and they are going to have to cut those hours because they are not going to have funding there. She stated that this is a very important program in our community as that is what they hear at all their meetings is that we need to clean our town and we have to educate our community about that; it is needed by the entire community. Richard Grogg stated that 2009 was probably the roughest year that any of the automakers have ever experienced, but the reason they are still in business is that they did the smart things in their business, but you can't cut your sales staff if you want to increase sales or advertising staff if you want to increase sales as you can't take away from your investments that is making things better for the county and the community. We made a lot of tough decisions, he invested in his people and cut his expenses, and he thinks this is something that has got to be done; you say you are cutting expenses, you need to delve into that budget a little deeper and say instead of we are going to cut this department or this agency, that department or that agency needs to be held accountable for how they spend their money. He does not think that is being done. He doesn't think that is something that he or you five guys are going to fix; it is a team effort as that is what they did last year. He stated that as a team they made their business profitable throughout the year by working together as a team, and he thinks that is something that has to be done on a countywide and a community basis. From the Chamber and from the Darton College higher education project, all of these things are investments in the community that is going to help the community grow and be here for many years to be bigger and better. We have a lot of things on our plate right now that can help Cordele and Crisp County flourish and be the kind of community that we all want it to be, but we can't do it if we strap ourselves with the budget that you are willing to put into it. There were no other comments, so Chairman Nance closed the Public Hearing, and thanked all for their comments.


Administrator Crapse reported that the next item is some increases in tipping fees at the landfill. Since the C & D rate was just established, they do not recommend an increase here. The Municipal Solid Waste current fee is $32.85 and recommend that go to $34.00; the Sludge current fee is $42.35 and recommend that fee go to $45.00; Inert landfill current fee is $21.50 and recommended fee be $23.00; Grease Traps now are $45.35 going to $47.00; Large animals now are $20.00 to $25.00; Small animals now are $5.00 to $6.00; and Tires were left the same at $160.00 a ton. He advised that we have had some large expenditures this year in the Water Fund because of the water leak and the need to replace the safety monitoring systems, along with the state mandate to go from gas chlorine to liquefied chlorine due to the homeland security concern. The current water base rate if $15.00 and we recommend that go to $17.50 and moving the monthly water usage from $2.50 a 1,000 gallons to $2.75 a 1,000 gallons for residential customers. For commercial customers, the base rate from $16 to $20 and the water use rate from $2.50 to $3.00 a 1,000 gallons. Increases from $350 to $450 in the residential taps, and from $350 to $600 for the commercial taps. The customer deposits will be the same at $35 for owners but increasing the renter deposits from $50 to $75 as we are having a good many people moving out and $50 doesn't cover their bill. These are some of the things that we feel we need to do to bring the Water Fund back up to where it will be self sufficient in order to meet the guidelines on our GEFA loans. Mr. Faircloth said he was interested in the amount of revenue, when we were talking about the recreation department in our previous discussion, and talking about the umpire clinic that was held out there. He asked Mr. Wright what he charged for the clinic, and Mr. Wright stated he charged $25.00 per person, which was a lot less than clinics like the Georgia High School Association. Mr. Faircloth asked if he rented the field himself, and Mr. Wright replied yes. Mr. Wright explained that last year the recreation department used umpires out of Albany, and it costs around $1,000 to $1,200 for travel pay that was paid umpires to come here to umpire. They have saved the county that money this year as they used umpires out of the community to umpire rec ball, it is not much but every little bit helps in a budget crises. Administrator Crapse advised that as Joe Joe said and as the organization keeps expanding, we were paying, because there wasn't a local organization, to bring umpires in from Albany and other places, so the price the county was paying umpires has been reduced. Now the money that we are paying for umpires is going into our community instead of somebody else's. It has been a win/win situation when the local guys, Joe Joe and others, set up this local umpire clinic. Mr. Faircloth asked how much it cost him to rent the field, and Mr. Wright said he rented it one morning for $50, and it was agreed that they were trying to help our umpires. He stated that they started out with three local guys umpiring and now they are at 35. Chairman Nance asked how the recreation department supports this. Mr. Wright stated that field availability is crucial, and he is working with Brockey Brock on this. Administrator Crapse advised that even with our fee increases we are below the surrounding counties. Mr. Faircloth advised that he doesn't actually disagree with the proposals, he would like the Recreation Board to look at them as they are going to be the ones catching a lot of the heat, but we are running out of time, though. Mr. Faircloth's concern is that we are not adopting the budget today, he realizes that it takes time to make these adjustments, and he thinks this is one thing where the Rec Advisory Board is the final authority on, and they can set those things, but if the Board wants to do it, they can do it. Mr. Mathis stated that he would have like for the Advisory Board to at least have been aware of it. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to accept the proposed fee increases in the driveway pipe, recreation, landfill tipping, and water use fees, and send the recreation fee increases to the Advisory Board so we will all be on the same page, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Faircloth voting no. Mr. Culpepper commented that with him seconding the motion, he didn't want the Recreation Advisory Board to think in any way that he is overstepping them, but if we are still lower than our surrounding counties, then we need to maintain the facilities we have.


Administrator Crapse reported that as we move forward in our Solid Waste Management Plan compliance, which in our plan it calls for the gradual reduction of these sites, and in consideration of the fiscal issues we are facing and our budget shortfalls, and looking forward to reviewing our overall situation in solid waste, we make a recommendation of consolidation of some sites. The first one is an existing site on North Cedar Creek Boat Ramp, and we are asking your consideration to consolidate this site to the Coney/North Cedar Creek site south of Lake Blackshear Baptist Church. Also the site at Loren Williams Park, which is an eye sore, be moved to the Antioch Road/Raines Station Road, which can easily converted to a manned site looking into the future, if Commissioners want to do that. The third site is at Hawpond/Brock Road, a very small site and sometimes causes some difficulty with the traffic, be moved to the landfill entrance site. From a budget point of view, that will save us approximately $2,500 each year in fuel costs alone by reducing the distance going to those sites. He advised that this is always a controversial issue but we do need to make progress with our waste collection plan, and we need to help where we can to clean up our community. It is better to have 18 ugly sites instead of 21 ugly sites, and if the Board approves this, it is not going to go down easy and your phones will be ringing. It is a difficult decision, but they get paid to make tough decisions and try to help clean the community, comply with our Solid Waste Management Plan, and reduce costs. Mr. Mathis asked where the next closest dumpster is to the one on Hawpond & Brock Roads, and Public Director Carl Gamble replied either the one on Hwy. 90 or at the landfill. Mr. Mathis replied that the two at the lake are close to other sites and good alternatives, but the one in the Hawpond area might be a little tougher to get to a dumpster. Mr. Gamble replied that there is a good bit of out of county use at the Hawpond/Brock site. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to follow the recommendation of the Administrator and move the "Loren Williams Park" site to the "Antioch/Raines Station" site and the "North Cedar Boat Ramp" site to the "Coney/North Cedar Creek" site and leave the "Hawpond/Brock" site a little bit longer and look for an alternate site, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that the millage rate and the budget is pretty much set and we would like to ask the Board to approve the 5-Year History and Proposed Millage Rate for advertising. He advised that with the understanding that there is no intent to change the mileage rate, but because of the shortage of information we have in the public appeals process, we would like approval to allow us to make some administrative changes to the digest information without having to come back to a called meeting. This way we can wait as long as we have to get it in the newspaper and be able to alter the figures based on the latest data without altering the bottom line. Mrs. Leverett advised that what the County advertises has to be within 3% of what Cricket Adkins, Tax Commissioner, takes to Atlanta. If we advertise these numbers and the appeals come in at 100%, then we will not be within the 3%; the longer we wait, the better numbers we have, and we don't want to send her to Atlanta and have the digest turned down because we didn't make 3% of what we advertised. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the 5-Year History And Proposed Mileage Rate For Advertising and authorize the Administrator and Finance Director to make updates as the appeals process becomes more clearer but not to make any changes in the net mileage rates, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that on March 29, 2010, the coroner presented us with two invoices from September 2008 and September 2009, which total $24,250 going back to 2007, 2008, and 2009. On his instructions, the Finance Director paid the current amount due, the amount due for 2010, which amounted to $1,750. He spoke with Dr. Latham on two occasions, Dr. Latham expects to get paid, and he consulted with the county attorney who advised that they are valid debt until they are over four years old. Our position is the funding has expired for these prior year funds, and administration has no authority without the Board's approval to spend this money; given that they are valid obligations to the Board, he would ask that the Board approve the payment of the balance of $22,500 to Dr. Latham for services rendered in 2007 and 2008. Dr. Latham said they sent them and they got buried by the coroner, and the coroner says he didn't get them; the issue is not who said what but it is the authority to pay the bill that we are obligated for. Administrator Crapse advised that when we send this check we are going to send him a letter to Dr. Latham instructing him to send those bills directly to our finance department quarterly so this want happen again. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to authorize payment of the 2007 and 2008 invoices of $22,500 for pathology invoices to Dr. Latham, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that we received a request from Ruby Jean Davis requesting a refund due to overcharges in her tax assessment. He sent a memo to the Chief Tax Appraiser, and the reply from the Assessor's Office indicated that several data entry errors resulting in Ms. Davis' property being overvalued. He recommends approval of the refund of $742.02 as computed by the Tax Commissioner based on the correct value for tax years 2007, 2008, and 2009. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to approve the tax refund to Ruby Jean Davis in the amount of $742.02, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Nance reappointed himself to the River Valley Regional Commission for a one-year term running from July 1, 2010 until June 30, 2011.


Administrator Crapse reported that he has received the county's statement from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) for the Workers' Compensation Fund. Our payment due on July 1st is $89,795; it is in the budget and would like the Board's approval of the statement. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to approve payment of $89,795 to ACCG Workers Compensation Fund, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that 1) He attended several meetings and events this month; 2) There were no new SPLOST Purchases approved this month; 3) The acceptance test plan now in progress on microwave system between Cordele 911 and Albany 911 continues; it is taking longer than expected due to some workload issues with the contractors. We hope that we will be up and running before the end of June; 4) The Meadow Park Sewer project is now about 90% complete and continuing forward. We should soon start working on the closeout; 5) SPLOST collection for April was $316,611, which rings in as the lowest this year. The only good news is that the first four months of 2010 have all been higher than the corresponding months in 2009; 6) On the SPLOST front for 2012 we have now balanced our recommendations with the projected 25M in collections although we started with over $43M in requests. We should have something for the Board to approve release by the July meeting; 7) The move of the Sheriff's office has been completed. We plan to tackle the VA Office this month and then follow with Administration; 8) The "Go Fish Georgia" contractor for the Boat Ramps are back as of May 18th. They poured the first 80' slab last week, but the workmanship was really bad. As of Friday the DNR was going to have them tear out the slab and start over: 9) The RFQ's for the Higher Education Center (Darton) and the Intermodal Center were due in on June 1, 2010. Also, there is a Groundbreaking to be scheduled around soon for the Intermodal Center; we should know this week when it will be held; 10) The Grand Jury met for the May Term 2010 on May 17, 2010. They considered 43 bills of indictment and returned 43 True Bills. The Grand Jury also noted the need for repairs and renovations at the jail and a recommendation to expand the bed space; 11) The Roof repair at Loran Williams should start this week; 12) We had the best year so far with 35 teams playing S/B, B/B this year. All-stars will start playing June 19/25. We have a total of 7 all-star teams. We will host 7/8 Boys and 9/10 girls here. Others will go to places like Thomasville and Moultrie; 13) Pools are open from 1 pm to 6 pm at Pickens and Recreation Department. Pickens is open Saturday from 1/6. Also, Cheer leading camp has started on Thursdays; 14) DCA is having "Listening Sessions" around the state; June 24th, 8:00 a.m. at South Ga. Technical College in AMERICUS is the closest one to us, if anyone wants to attend; 15) The Board received a Letter of Thanks from the Air Evac 86 Lifeteam for your help and support in accomplishing their mission; 16) I need two headcounts: first for the This is Your Life Dinner on June 17th, 7:00 p.m. at the Resort; and second for the Watermelon Parade on June 26, 2010, line up at 8:00 a.m.; 17) If anyone plans to attend the NACO annual Meeting, July16-20, 2010, in Washoe County NV, I have the Voting Credentials form to fill out, if more than one of you go the Board needs to designate a Voting Delegate; 18) My Community of Character Trait for the Month of June is PATRIOTISM. Love for or devotion to Country.


Administrator Crapse advised that Tucker Price will be the Interim Extension Coordinator, and they will probably make him permanent Coordinator in January. Administrator Crapse advised that we want to put as much pressure as possible to get that 4-H position filled. He has talked with Sandra McKinney and we are going to wait about a month after she has retired and then hit them up really heavy for filling that 4-H position. The District Representative is Ken Lewis so we feel like since he was here so long if there was anyway for him to take care of that he would. Mr. Mathis stated that if there is not a reason to wait a month, we need to go ahead and get our requests in so hopefully by the time school starts up, we will have a 4-H Agent to coincide with school. Administrator Crapse advised that we will not get a 4-H replacement before January 1st regardless of what we do; that is just the way their schedule runs. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to send a letter of support for Tucker Price, if that is his wish, to be named the Extension Coordinator in Crisp County, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to go into Executive Session to discuss real estate, potential litigation, and personnel, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to terminate Administrator Crapse's existing contract for the purpose of renegotiation immediately for a new contract, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adjourn the meeting at 1:20 p.m., seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously.

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