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Chairman A. James Nance called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., with Commissioners James D. Harris, Brad Faircloth, William Culpepper, and Wallace Mathis in attendance. Others present were County Administrator Lester E. Crapse, Jr., Finance Director Sherrie Leverett, and Secretary Linda Finch. Rev. Dwight Bishop, Pastor of First United Methodist Church, gave the invocation, and the Administrator led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the minutes of the meeting of June 9, 2009, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Connie Sangster, Planning Director, reported that last month we had the Public Hearing on a request from Hubbard Iron Metal to rezone two parcels of property from RD (Two Family Duplex/Residential) to I (Industrial). Property is located adjacent to 130 Drayton Lane. She read the Review Checklist Standards. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to discuss the proposed rezoning, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried unanimously. Ms. Sangster advised that this property was grand fathered in several years ago and stated that if a property has been grand fathered in, as long as that business is in existence, it can continue, but if they want to enlarge the property more than 50%, then they have gone beyond the grand fathered use and have to apply to rezone the property. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the rezoning request of Hubbard Iron Metal for two parcels of property from RD to I, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Sangster reported that we have a request from Hubbard Iron Metal for a Special Use Permit to locate a Junkyard in an Industrial Zone District. Chairman Nance opened the Public Hearing. He asked for any comments in favor of the request. Benji Brasington, on behalf of Hubbard Iron Metal, advised that they do not have an issue of providing fencing, as they would do this anyway for security reasons plus it is aesthetically pleasing. Also, they will put up trees along the outside of the fence to block it even further. There was no one else to speak in favor, and Chairman Nance asked for anyone opposing the request. There was no on in the audience to speak against the request, but Ms. Sangster advised that she has received an additional letter from Sam Smith opposing the request, who lives directly across from this property. Ms. Sangster read the Review Checklist for the Special Use Request. Ms. Sangster advised that the Land Development Code calls for a 20' visual fence around the edge of the property if the property is used for loading area, and an 8' fence if it is used for outdoor storage. Mr. Faircloth advised that this would not be anything different than what is going on now, so he thinks the 8' fence would be sufficient for the outdoor storage area. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to accept and use the Land Development Code requirement set for outdoor storage area with a minimum of 8' opaque screen or fence in the area around the property that is not Industrial, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Sangster advised that as a condition of continued eligibility in the National Flood Insurance Program prior to September 25, 2009, the Commissioners need to adopt or show evidence of adoption of floodplain management regulations that meet the standards of the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) regulations. There are no substantial changes, basically re-wording. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to amend and adopt the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Rev. Phil Streetman, on behalf of Lake Blackshear Baptist Church, was present to receive a Resolution Honoring the Dedication of the New Lake Blackshear Baptist Church Sanctuary. Administrator Crapse read the Resolution honoring the church where Mr. Streetman was chosen as Pastor at their first meeting on July 8, 1984 at Houston Camp with 51 persons in attendance, the 25th Anniversary of the Church was in 2008, the congregation had grown to 155 members, and the Church has now built a beautiful new Sanctuary which will be dedicated to the Glory of God on July 25, 2009. Rev. Streetman thanked Commissioners for honoring them and extended an invitation to all to join them on Saturday, July 25th at 11:00 a.m. for the dedication. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to adopt the Resolution Honoring Lake Blackshear Baptist Church Sanctuary, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that we have county funds in the Georgia Fund One Account, which is a pooled account where all cities, counties, and some of the state agencies share, and it helps us get a better interest rates. Every time we have a change in personnel in the Finance Department, they require a Resolution authorizing that change. She has three resolutions that need to be signed to add Susan Kimsey, new accounting clerk, as authorization to make wire transfers out of that account into our accounts payable account. The three Resolutions are for funds in the General Fund, 2000 SPLOST Fund, and a Landfill Investment Fund. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to approve all three Resolutions to Authorize Investment for General, 2000 SPLOST, and Landfill Funds and authorize the Chairman to sign, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that the Clerk of Court, Jean Rogers, applied for and received a grant from the Georgia Archives to help with some shelving at the new courthouse. As part of that grant requirement, they want a formal Records Retention Policy adopted; this does not change anything as we are already going by the state guidelines, this just gives us a formal guideline. She read the Resolution. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the Resolution on Records Retention, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that because the meeting was a little early this month, the financial report would be in two sections. In the handout, you should find an executive summary, which includes updated financial report numbers for the period ending May 31, 2009, as it is too early for the June report. In the report of revenues and expenditures for our three major funds, the General Fund recorded revenue for May in the amount of $509,018 bringing that year to date total to $11,799,766 representing 84.62% of annual budget. $1,659,814 in expenditures recorded for the month brings the year to date total to $12,497,695 or 89.63% of budget, leaving the general fund at the end of May with expenditures exceeding revenues by $697,929 which equates to just over 5%. For the Landfill Fund, we are reporting $90,827 in monthly revenue and $1,015,844 year to date. Monthly expenditures of $93,428; year to date, $1,201,950 leaves the landfill with a year to date net loss of $186,106. The total tonnage received for the month of June was 3,447.11 tons. Approximately 44% of that was received from Onyx under their commercial contract and 15% under the City of Cordele free residential contract. Total tonnage for FY 2009 ended up at 39,175, 8,390 tons less than the previous year. Monthly average is down to 3,264, which is about 700 tons per month less than the previous 12 months. The GEFA Loans are current at $3.4 million. For the month of May, the Water Fund recorded revenues of $34,952; YTD $371,576. Expenditures for the month totaled $41,083; YTD $395,235, leaving the Water Fund with a net loss at 5/31/09 of $23,659. Water usage for the month was 7,640,000 gallons. The USDA Bonds are current at $1.6 million. Following that is the revenues by fund and expenditures by department report as of May 31, 2009. The summary report shows the expended percentage of appropriations for each individual department and the total for each fund. At the end of May all departments and divisions should be within 92% of their annual allowances. Overall, the General Fund Expenditures were at 90%, the Water Fund at 69% and the Landfill Fund at 82%. For the Cash Report for June 30, 2009, in the General Fund we have $6.8 million; the Landfill Fund, $2,029,138, the revolving loan fund $219,153, the SPLOST Funds, $2.5 million and the Water Fund ended the month of with $1,000,922 giving us a county wide total of $12.6 million. Next are the SPLOST reports. The first is the budget to actual report for the 2000 ISSUE. As of May 31, 2009, we have spent $15.8 million of the $17.6 million dollars collected, leaving us with $1.8 million to complete the various City and County projects associated with this issue. Following that is the SPLOST budget to actual by category summary report for the 2005 Issue. To date we have total collections of $14,770,575, total expenditures of $15,778,341. As reported last month, 05 SPLOST Fund is now in the situation of borrowing from the General Fund until the distributions catch up with the expenditures. Distribution #41 of $315,775 brings our current monthly average to $360,257. We have received some additional information from the DOR since last months meeting. The two distributions received during the month of May did, in fact represent primarily retail sales for both the month of March and April. The new reporting system has in effect allowed the DOR to "catch up" one month's lag time on these distributions. I think it is important to point out that although the current monthly average, based on all 41 months received is not too bad, the average for the last five months is around $250,000, which is below the threshold of $277,777, which was used to project the original budget of $20,000,000. Now because the first year or so were above that average, if it holds at $250,000, we will collect about $22.5 million. But remember, with the overage on the courthouse, we need about $24.6 million to support the actual cost of all the projects budgeted under this issue. The monthly average needs to be $318,000 or better in order to generate that much revenue. Next we have the monthly detail listing of all the SPLOST Fund expenditures, for both issues. Total disbursements for the month of June were $1,374,490. Projects benefiting from SPLOST funds during the month of May were the Town of Arabi, The City of Cordele, The Courthouse Project, Public Works Projects and the Crisp County EMS. Again, the same rule applies to the DOR distributions. They have now "caught up" on month of lag time. Although this month's receipt is 28% below last year, it is the highest received in five months and brings our monthly average to $118,460. In the CDBG Revolving Loan Fund monthly report, we remain at nine outstanding loans with a total balance due of $2,135,423. Southeast Forest Products has now slipped into the delinquent column leaving us with five accounts current, and four delinquents, three of which have been turned over to legal.


Administrator Crapse reported that we received two bids on the Pateville Road widening contract; it looks like it may be our last county contract with the state for quite a while. Reeves Construction Company bid was $611,324 and Ross Construction bid was $660,412.20, and he would recommend the Board award the widening contract to Reeves Construction and issue an immediate "Notice to Proceed" so we can proceed with that project. It has to be completed by November 1st, and this project is being paid by a $300,000 contract from the state and the rest is from road monies designated for Economic Development in Cedar Creek Park. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to award the Pateville Road widening contract to Reeves Construction for $611,324 and issue a "Notice to Proceed", seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that we received four bids on the Off System Safety Program Contract, the low bid was from Peek Pavement out of Columbus at $45,910.20, and he recommends the Board approve this award and also issue and immediate "Notice to Proceed". This will come from all federal money; we were allocated $65,000 for this project, and when the bids came in we were about $20,000 under the allocated amount, but the state will not give us the other $20,000 for other projects. This project is to replace signs, stripe roads, and put down the raised pavement markings on several roads in the county. There were certain requirements for this contract as the roads had to be a certain length, had to be 55 mph speed limit, but the five roads involved are South Coney, North Coney, Cannon, Hawpond, and Brock Roads. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to award the Off System Safety Program Contract to Peek Pavement at $45,910.20 and issue a "Notice to Proceed", seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously. Administrator Crapse also reported that in the Public Works packet, they will see what the cancellation of LARP Projects did as we were scheduled to do work on Catfish, Bryant, Antioch, and District Line Roads work and that was cancelled, and also the state aide work on Floyd and Byrd's Mill Roads were cancelled as well.


Administrator Crapse reported since the beginning we have restructured the landfill cell construction project and brought the potential cost down from $3.1 million to $2.79 million with a probable $2.77 million, and that brought the project back where we needed to be with regard to our loan request from GEFA. We had a work session a week ago and discussed in detail the merits of this and other proposals. When re received our final report a few days ago from the engineering, we only had to drill one additional well, which was $11,000, so in actuality, the project came in at $2.72 million, which is less than the loan amount and that really helped us out. He recommends the Board approve the award of the MSW cells to Folsom Construction, and the C & D cells to Specialized Services and issue the "Notice to Proceed". Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the award of the landfill cell construction contract to Folsom Construction Company for the MSW cells and to Specialized Services for the C & D cells and issue a "Notice to Proceed" to both, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Glen Hendry, account representative of Motorola, advised that the county has an 800 MHz communication that is used by all the county agencies; they sold this system to the county in 1997; the technology was about five years old at that time, but it was solid system and has served you well for about twelve years now. Crisp County is in what they refer to as a first generation technology, most of the other cities and counties are in what they call the second generation, and now Motorola is in their third generation of the 800 MHz communications technology. He advised that several years ago they came and reported that they can no longer get parts for several of the major components of our system; we are in a risky area now in that a major lightning hit or failure could render us out of commission, and if failure happens the system would be down, we wouldn't be able to communicate, and we would be looking at upgrading to the third generation network at a tremendous cost. They came with an idea that Thomasville has moved forward with, as they were in the exact position Crisp County is in, and instead of buying a duplication of what already exists, they recommended a partnering relationship with the City of Albany, as they have the second generation of this equipment. They already have a master site equipment that is sized appropriately and designed to accommodate not only the communication requirement of the City of Albany, but can accommodate other cities and counties. They are putting the finishing touches on it with the City of Thomasville now. Instead of duplicating that equipment, they are plugged into the Albany system as they utilize that brain of the system. It also affords public safety some added functionality and capability; instead of covering just Thomas County, they can run seamlessly in Albany and will work well in case a deputy is in a chase outside of their coverage. Even though going this way would be a tremendous cost savings, it does have some limitations though being that it is second generation. Even though they are going to continue to support it for ten years, the ability to buy additional components ends December 31, 2009; they have began the discussion with Administrator Crapse of put the pricing together to make this upgrade. Mr. Hendry advised that we are looking at an expenditure of $372,925, which would be an upgrade from the 911 system to all the portable radios in the county and an upgrade on everything except the transmission tower and antenna lines. They will re use 70% of the components, they will just be updated at that tower site to carry the county another ten years worry-free communications, plus it will take care of the coverage shortage along Lake Blackshear. It will be a turnkey project. This system supports not only the current analog technology you are using now but the future digital technology as well and the addition of the seamless coverage. Administrator Crapse advised that the long range roaming requires an additional cost for the individual radios; between EMS, Fire, and Sheriff's Department to upgrade all those radios would be about $56,000, and that doesn't have to be done today, but the master system makes that available. To make it useful we will have to upgrade the mobile and handheld radios as well, which is about $550 per radio. Also, $44,228 a year would be paid to the City of Albany in recurring cost for maintenance for the system, which is a pro rated share of the maintenance cost, but our current local maintenance contract will drop from $35,000 a year to $26,000 a year for our equipment. Due to time, motion was made by Mr. Harris to table this matter until later in the meeting, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that we have received bids on the security system contract for the new Courthouse. He and John Crow, IT/Special Projects Coordinator, have prepared a spreadsheet to show Commissioners were they are at in comparing apples to apples. It was such a complex bid that everybody didn't put all the pieces in the package; wherever one had a number that was bid in the package that nobody else bid, we put that number in for everybody as we will have to have that down the line, plus there are a couple of bids that did not provide the infrastructure that we need to operate the system. Mr. Crow advised that the majority of the companies typically charge 8-10% yearly maintenance cost on hardware. The five bids that they have here are the five lowest out of the eleven bids they received. He went over the bids. One of the good benefits of the type security system they are looking at is you don't have to have specific people sitting and opening and closing doors in the building, anyone who is allowed on this system could open and close a door for whatever reason from their own computer from home or a vehicle. It will also work as an enterprise system in the future so that the entire county can be on a single security system. He advised that the five-year cost of ownership in his and Mr. Crapse's opinion is the best way to judge the products. The product that appears the cheapest based on the five-year cost of ownership is from CooperCraft out of Sylvester, Georgia; they are a licensed S2 Engineering Firm and Dealer. There was one local bid but they did not provide the specifications that they required. Administrator Crapse advised that their recommendation would be the CooperCraft security system for $171,463.02, and that is under the projected budget for this system. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to award the new Courthouse Security System Contract to CooperCraft for $171,463.02, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried with Mr. Faircloth voting no and Mr. Harris absent.


Cliff Harpe spoke on behalf of the Crisp County/Cordele Industrial Development Authority, who has made a request for a $70,000 loan from the Revolving Loan Fund. He advised that the purpose of the funds is to pay for demolition of a building that adjoins the Southwest Georgia Excursion Train (SAMS) Depot building and to pay for some repairs to the SAMS Depot building. They have a contract to demolish and remove the other building, and the Authority has an option to take title to this land. They left this as an option because if they find an environmental problem or some other problem, they did not want to take liability during the period prior to demolition. His understanding as of yesterday, the initial steps to stabilize the situation and support the roof and prevent a collapse from causing problems with the depot building have been resolved, and demolition should be started today. Cost to get the building down will be about $51,000 not counting patching on the depot side. The Authority owns the depot subject only to a couple of areas in the building that are subject to a lease, which was basically a deal, in that the owner gave them the building in exchange of giving him a part of the building back provided he does work on the building. They do propose to pledge the building they own as collateral on the project. They do believe that they will get a grant but they don't know that answer yet, but they could be another possibility for payment. Administrator Crapse advised that we do have the money in the RLF. Mr. Harpe advised that this has happened so fast, but they would like the payments to be monthly for not less than five years, and they can pre agree to a condition that if there was a refunding grant, that grant proceed would pay off directly at that time. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to grant the Revolving Loan Fund for $70,000 to the Crisp County/Cordele Industrial Development Authority, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Gerald Mixon, with River Valley Regional Commission, advised that they are asking for adopting of the Solid Waste Plan. They began work on the Plan about sixteen months ago, and it is used as a development guide and a reference for some of the zoning considerations plus it maintains your eligibility to state grants, loans, and permits for the county. The state is asking the county to update the one that was adopted two years ago as they are trying to get the Solid Waste Plan and the Comprehensive Plan on the same sequence. He stated that the Resolution explains that, but there is one local addition as Mr. Crapse instructed them to plug in reference to the investigation of methane management of the landfill; there is no firm commitment about what you are going to do, it just makes reference to your investigation and consideration at this time. The Comprehensive Plan has been deemed by appropriate review agencies to satisfy state-mandated provisions for local comprehensive planning. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to Readopt With Minor Amendment the Crisp County Solid Waste Management Plan, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to adopt the Greater Crisp County Comprehensive Plan, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Administrator Crapse reported that we had three bids on the jury seating chairs; first bid was from GSI for $29,688.58, the bid from Murray Printing was $29,400, and Oliver Waldraft bid was $19,454.20. The specifications requested lumbar support chairs, and they all bid these chairs. These are the twenty-eight chairs that go in the jury box, and he recommends approval of the low bid from Oliver Waldraft. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to award the bid to Murray Printing Company, but died for a lack of a second. Administrator Crapse advised that there was only one valid bid for the gallery benches, the other bid did not comply as they sent it to the wrong place, attention to the wrong person, and the bid did not make it here on time. Murray Printing had the only valid bid on these benches and normally we do not accept single bids, but we did have a second bid come in. However, because Murray is a local bidder, and if we don't take that bid it will probably set us back a month or two on this, so he recommends approval of the bid from Murray on the gallery benches. Mr. Faircloth advised that his reason for choosing Murray is that they are local, they hire local people, and they pay taxes here. Chairman Nance stated that this is an additional $10,000 more, but at the same time, Murray is the only valid bid on the gallery benches so a local company is going to benefit there anyway. Administrator Crapse stated that we have been talking money all morning, this is a classic case that we take an opportunity and do what we can for local bidders when we have that opportunity, but when you are talking $10,000 that is 33% more, and he thinks the taxpayers deserve the better price. Mr. Faircloth said he didn't disagree with that, but the problem is the two bids that are in line neck and neck and then this other company is $10,000 less than both of those. Administrator Crapse advised that they have gone though the construction and fabric and these are the same chairs that are in the Dooly County Courthouse and have been there for eighteen years and holding up well. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to award the jury seating chairs to Oliver Waldraft for $19,454.20, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Faircloth voting no, and Mr. Harris absent. Administrator Crapse reported that he recommends awarding the bid to Murray Printing for $33,678.50 for the gallery benches. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to award the gallery benches to Murray Printing for $33,678.50, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Chairman Nance appointed himself, Mr. Culpepper, and Mr. Mathis as voting members to the Crisp County Power Commission Board from July 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.


Administrator Crapse reported that they are hoping to have some numbers in on the digest by the first week in August, so we need to set up some budget workshops. By common consent, Commissioners agreed to set budget workshops for Tuesday, August 4th and Friday, August 7th, 2009.


Administrator Crapse advised that we have received a memo from Chief Tax Assessor Tim Quick along with the assessment notice that was sent regarding the appeal of computation for the 2008 tax bill for Perimeter Partners. The bottom line is the Tax Assessors' went above and beyond the call of duty, they made a personal visit to this property, and was told by the manager that the property was finished and ready to operate; based on that they wrote up the assessment, sent out the notice, which gave the property owner 45 days to appeal that assessment, and they did not appeal that assessment so therefore the assessment was considered valid and went on the tax bill. Sometime earlier this year, the owners started inquiring about why it was like it was, and they sent a letter wanted to appeal the valuation of the property and gave their rationale that they were not complete with the building when the assessment notice went out. He advised that he received the property owner's letter, which was then sent to the Board of Assessors where they reviewed it and provided a recommendation for this Board. Mr. Quick advised that they try to contact as many folks as necessary to get all the information they can and try to see what was finished on the first day of January, as in Georgia that is the only day that matters regarding assessments. He advised that he was one of the appraisers that went out to measure the motel, and get that information; he talked to the manager, she was not helpful and pretty much rude. She did tell them that the building was finished and basically told them she did not have time to deal with them. While they were there, they could see that they were renting out at least part of the motel rooms. He doesn't know personally how many rooms were available, because when she told them that the motel was finished, that ended their walking through the building to see how many rooms were being rented out. He advised that if they had been told at that time or even during the appeal period that only a certain percentage of the rooms were complete, the Board of Assessors would have considered that and used that in their appraisal, but once the notice has been sent and the 45 day appeal period is gone, then that takes it out of the hands of the Board of Assessors. The only recourse they have then is to pay the taxes, and once the tax bill has been paid, then they can request a refund from the Board of Commissioners for something that wasn't there. Mr. Quick advised that he has received no documentation from Perimeter Partners to back up anything they have said. Faye Adkins stated that they did not have but about 25% of their rooms in operation at that time, the manager was in charge, she just told them that, and she is no longer with them. She worked from out of state so the other partners didn't know this had happened until March, and County Suites is not going to let anybody rent a room unless it is completely finished. All they are asking for is that you tax them on when they officially could rent those rooms, not when they only had 25% complete. Mr. Quick advised that even to use the 25%, there is value on what is not finished also and whether the rooms are being rented or not has nothing to do with the value of that building. Mrs. Adkins advised that they have the taxes set aside, but they have not paid the taxes. Mr. Quick advised that according to the Code, the process for a refund is they have to pay the taxes first. Administrator Crapse advised that there is really no recourse for the county until they pay the taxes, and we can refund an error for up to three years. Commissioners asked her to submit the documentation, and they will go from there.


Administrator Crapse reported that our Local Bidder Preference Policy states that the Board is authorized to negotiate with local bidders to reduce their bid to the lowest bid, if their bid is within 3% of the lowest bid and are limited to purchases up to and including $25,000. After discussion, motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to change the Local Bidder Preference Policy from 3% to 5% of the lowest bid for local bidders up to $25,000, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried with Mr. Nance and Mr. Harris absent.


Administrator Crapse stated that regarding the upgrading of the 800 MHz Radio System, we don't have the money in the General Fund or SPLOST accounts, but we have a potentially very serious problem. Given where we are, he would think it would be prudent to borrow the money for five years, pay it back at the rate of about $75,000 per year plus interest, and if SPLOST improves, we can replace the money. This will keep the system sound, it opens up some options, and it allows us to spread it over a five-year period. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to borrow the money to upgrade the 800 MHz Radio System, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Administrator Crapse reported; 1) He attended several meetings and events this month; 2) After much anticipation the 2008 Homeowners Tax Relief Grant check with 100% of the payment has been received; 3) The Courthouse project has reached substantial completion and we have received the Certificate of Occupancy. The "punch list" walkthrough has also been completed and turned over to the contractor. Individual rooms are now being accepted as final as the punch is cleared. Landscaping is being installed and our interior work has begun (Wiring, Audio, Data and T/P. The plaque for the inside the Courthouse has been ordered; 4) There was one new SPLOST Purchase approved this month, and that was $3,325.00 for signage for Public Works to be used County-wide; 5) The "Point of Sale": system at CCLO is now fully operational and the new Office Manager is really working out well, so we are planning to transition of "room Rentals" back to the CCLO. They had been transferred to Finance due to previous difficulties. This system can be monitored 100% from the Finance office; 6) Our paperwork for assistance from the Presidential Declaration on the flood/wind event has been submitted. The Public Works portion, submitted last week was for over $290,838.14, with the Sheriff the total is over $300,000; 7) Chief Ray Lunsford has received a Grant for $8,850 to replace the AED's (automatic Electronic Defibrillators) for all the Fire trucks; 8) The Amboy Road at Lime Creek will be closed beginning July 15th to begin the bridge replacement over Lime Creek, and will remain closed until the project is complete; 9) The NACO Annual Conference & Exposition is scheduled for July 24 28, 2009 at the Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville. Under provisions of the Continuing Spending Resolution, which authorizes "essential" spending only, if anyone wishes to attend, I believe that the expenditure should be approved by the Board, so if anyone wishes to attend the Board needs to approve the expenditure; 10) The Board received a Thank You card from the Family of Pearl Booker and a continued request for prayer for the family; and 11) Ross King has been named to succeed Jerry Griffin as the ACCG Executive Director on May 10, 2010.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to go into Executive Session to discuss potential litigation, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to authorize the Landfill Attorney Charles Jones to write a letter to the City of Cordele, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to allow members of the County Commissioners that wish to attend a National Association of County Commissioners Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee be allowed to make that trip, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adopt the West Family Reunion Resolution, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adjourn the meeting at 2:52 p.m., seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried with Mr. Harris absent.

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