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Chairman A. James Nance called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., with Commissioners James D. Harris, Brad Faircloth, Williams Culpepper, and Wallace Mathis in attendance. Others present were County Administrator Lester E. Crapse, Jr., County Attorney Rick Lawson, Finance Director Sherrie Leverett, and Secretary Linda Finch. Rev. Dr. Ulysses Morgan, Pastor of Power of Deliverance Church, gave the invocation, and Administrator Crapse led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Motion was made by Mr. Harris to approve the minutes of the meeting of April 14, 2009, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Dr. Ulysses Morgan advised that earlier this year there was an accident at Harmon Park. A gentleman was playing ball and died at that park, another gentleman had fallen out at this park also, but he turned out to be okay. There are a group of guys that play at this park a good bit, and they had mentioned to him that if someone had known CPR, the man that died might have survived. He has come to request the Board place some signs in all parks that will show how CPR is administered, this way we may be able to offset this happening in the future. Mr. Mathis stated that this is a good idea to start with because if they learn CPR effectively, they can use it anywhere they go, but just reading a sign and trying to help someone in a precious situation isn't really the way you go about that; if a CPR class was set up at your Church, to teach young adults who showed an interest in it, that would be very beneficial. The sign would be good if other people are around to look at it and help, but when the heart stops, you don't have time to stop and read a sign. Administrator Crapse advised that the county does CPR instruction through the Fire Department and EMS, and there will be no problem with placing the signs at the parks plus it would be a good idea to add some other helpful signs such as what to do for heat stroke, etc. Chairman Nance asked about liability in a case if you perform CPR on a person and you don't really know what you are doing without training, as sometimes you can actually cause more damage if you don't know what you are doing and could be held liable, so we want to make sure we recognize this as well as we look into this. Brockey Brock, Leisure Opportunities Director, advised that now is a golden opportunity to talk about this as they are beginning to start their open gym play at the Recreation Department. They could talk to the guys before they get the games started and let them know that we may be offering this opportunity for them and see who will be willing to attend those classes. Chairman Nance advised Mr. Brock to check with Red Cross and see if we can set up something for some classes either at the Recreation Department or the Church, along with securing some signs for the parks. Dr. Morgan thanked Commissioners for their help in this matter.


Chip Wells, with Keep Crisp Beautiful, thanked Commissioners for allowing him to address the Board and bring to their attention some of the work that they have done in the past year. Keep Crisp Beautiful (KCB) has a twelve member Board with about six active members; Public Works along with the Sheriff's Department have been very helpful in the activities they have conducted. He advised that Catherine Mays is the Executive Director and is very energetic and has accomplished a great deal in the two years she has been with KCB. He went over some of the accomplishments they have achieved in the last year including a survey they conducted called the Liter Index, which rates how littered our community is; the Board members drive around the county and count the pieces of trash along the roadway to measure how littered an area is. In 2008, the litter index in Crisp County went from 2.76 to 1.25, and since one of the main focuses of KCB is to reduce litter, he considers this reduction one of their greatest accomplishments and also one of the biggest benefits that KCB brings to the community. We have made some progress in this area, but we certainly have more work to do. The number of participants in the Great American Cleanup and the Rivers Alive increased in 2008, and they now have a "My Space" page to attract younger people and keep them informed about recycling and such. KCB has also conducted two electronics recycling drives and they now have a permanent electronics drop-off site, which will save a lot of landfill space. Ms. Mays is involved in the school system educating our youth in recycling and other environmental issues. KCB is funded by Crisp County and the Power Commission in the amount of $25,312 annually, in 2008 KCB had 438 volunteers donating their time worth almost $13,000, they also received a $5,000 EZ Grant, a $2,500 Hands On Crisp Grant, and with these grants and other donations we receive from individuals and businesses, the revenues to expense ratio is just about one to one.


Dravian McGill, on behalf of the Westside Leadership Team, advised that he was glad to report that the Easter Fest, which Commissioners contributed to, was again very successful and thanked Commissioners for their support and funding. He stated that this year they were going to put on a basketball tournament with some of the funding received, but they received a call from the Mental Health Behavioral advising that since their clients could not get out on Sunday, could the Leadership Team do something to help them with their Easter programs for their clients. He was happy to report that they actually diverted those funds for the basketball tournament and went over on Friday and had a picnic for those clients, about 70, and provided them with goody bags along with grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and those kids were thrilled. He advised that the Easter Fest went so well this year that they did not have to block off the street until the end of the events. He again thanked the Commissioners, the Sheriff's and Police Departments and advised that they are already planning for next year and hope to turn it into a citywide festival.


Administrator Crapse reported that the CDBG 2008 Northside Sewer Phase III Administrative Agreement with Middle Flint is the same agreement that we have used in years past. This Agreement has been a little delayed as it took awhile to get the final clearance on funds for this Grant, it is all in place now, and he recommends approval of the agreement with RDC. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the CDBG 2008 Northside Sewer Phase III Administrative Agreement, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Gerald Mixon, with Middle Flint Regional Development Center, reported that the state requires communities to prepare Service and Delivery Strategies identifying what services they will provide and how they are going to provide for it. He has word from all three local jurisdictions, county, city, and Town of Arabi, that all parties are comfortable with the current agreement, and he was instructed last month to go ahead and prepare this paperwork. He has prepared a resolution that states, that the first resolution was prepared in accordance with State Law by identifying the services that will be prepared in 1999, in September of 1999 the State verified that it satisfies the requirements of the current law, Commissioners have reviewed the resolution and agree that it can stay in place, and you are re-adopting the current Service Delivery Strategy effective thru June 30, 2014, authorizing the chief elected official to execute the required certification, and the chief appointed official is authorized to attest the signature of the chief elected official, and be submitted to the State as soon as possible. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to adopt the Resolution Readopting the Crisp County Service Delivery Strategy, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that Greg Bacon, Lanier Engineering, and Michael Neil, TTL Geotechnical Services, along with backup from Todd Lanier and J. B. Faircloth, Regional Engineering are here to discuss the pre-construction cost overruns for construction. Last year when we began working on construction of Cells 10, 11, & 17 at the Landfill, we put out proposals and as a part of that proposal, Regional Engineering submitted a proposal which included their business associate, TTL, to do this work. The cost estimates for our GEFA Loan Application were based on the initial engineering estimates to get the loan application initiated and included the cost of engineering design, well modification for the new footprint, and the construction. The first problem we saw arise was the well modification cost that came in about $63,000 over what we had originally estimated; the second problem was the Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) which came it which included $31,500 in construction surveying costs, that we really weren't aware of. We knew the CQA had to be there, we didn't realize what the extent of the cost would be and we didn't anticipate the additional surveying cost because there was an as built included in the proposal. Now we are looking at least $22,000 and potentially $77,000 additional overrun for the well modification costs due to the number of monitoring wells that may have to be double case deep wells as opposed to single case shallow wells. The best-case situation of the $22,000 would bring our total cost to $3,045,709, and the worst case of $77,000 would bring it to $3,100,709, and the most probable case being about $55,000, which would bring the total cost to $3,078,709. The bad part of this is we just can't not build the cells because we have to have them ready by this time next year. Mr. Faircloth asked if we were sure that there is no other alternative of building the cells. Administrator Crapse stated that is a complicated matter but on Thursday our Landfill Management and Operation RFP can impact this. Mr. Bacon reported that the EPD requires you to certify various aspects of the project; they feel the most efficient way to do this is to break out certain pieces of it and do it individually and the main one is construction. Lanier Engineering was going to oversee and administer this and TTL, who was part of their original design team when the submitted the RFP. The initial $71,000 fee did not include the Construction Quality Assurance that EPD requires, nor did it include the monitoring wells that need to be abandoned where the new footprint is, and the new wells that would be installed. While the GEFA application was being put together, he advised that they were getting the estimates for the construction surveying portion as well as the construction soil testing and submitted those numbers. When Mr. Neil submitted his estimate of monitoring the wells, that was just an estimate, as he took the data they acquired from the previous engineer, their soil testing, and the original design and operation plan, and used that data to come up with an estimate of how many wells and how deep they need to be. Mr. Neil reported that the majority of the wells at the site are the single case shallow wells, but the deeper double case wells are the issue, and there is only three in the existing network. When they put the proposal together, they had fifteen wells and assumed that four of those wells would be double cased wells. When they began the installation process, they did not encounter ground water in the upper zone that allowed them to place a well in there, so by the groundwater monitoring plan they had to set double case wells. They expected three double cased wells, but in the same area they had three there were not expected. It was at this point he realized that they needed to sit down before the Commissioners because of the cost difference between the types of wells. They also reviewed with EPD the possibility of making some modifications to the network so that they can minimize the double case wells that were required, and they did get them to agree to let them make a field determination of whether or not they need to install a deeper double case well at the time of well construction. Administrator Crapse advised that there are several things that could happen now: 1) we could stop work now and rebid the remaining work, but that could be even more expensive because of the additional mobilization and information we have at this point; 2) we could stop here and include the remaining work in our Landfill Management Contract, but that is not a done deal at this point as we think we have about thirty Construction Plan Packets that are out. He would recommend that we move forward with the project and hope to recoup some of those overruns in a very competitive situation in the Construction Contract that is due on Thursday. He advised that TTL has pretty much shut down their operation at the Landfill waiting to move forward in the next few days. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth for discussion purposes, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously. Mr. Faircloth advised that his prospective is somewhat different from the business standpoint as it doesn't make sense to him to continue with these landfill expenses and especially now with the extra costs, but he is willing to look at this from every aspect. Mr. Lanier advised that the construction, engineering, construction survey, the construction goetechnical soil testing, and the well relocation costs are costs that we knew up front. The original design plan did not call for a C & D Cell, but now there are two regular cells and one C & D cell that will be constructed. His first task was to take Cell 17 and to make it a C & D cell, they did that, it was submitted to EPD, and during this time, they got with TTL and began looking at what it would cost for the well relocation, and when they got the final approval for EPD, then they went back and got the concrete numbers from TTL. In actuality the cost overrun is the only added cost due to cost of the deeper wells. Administrator Crapse advised that what he calls overrun is our additional cost from when we made our initial estimate of how much money we needed to borrow, and that is what came out to be $2.7 million. Chairman Nance asked the Administrator if he had a recommendation, and he advised to wait and see what happens on Thursday and if we see some significant cost savings there, move forward with the project, and if not, we will contact all of you and you can decide if you want to go in a different direction. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to take the recommendation of the Administrator and see what happens on Thursday, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse advised that this is the required Public Hearing for the reward of the EIP (Employee Incentative Program) Grant to Goldens' Foundry. Chairman Nance opened the Public Hearing, and asked Administrator Crapse to give some information on this Hearing. The Administrator advised that the purpose of the Public Hearing is to announce the EIP Loan to Goldens' Foundry, the funds have been approved for making that loan by the Department of Community Affairs and are available for the following activities: approximately $470,000 for activity of assistance for private for-profit entities for making their investment in our community and approximately $30,000 for activity for administration of the loan for the project. Bruce Drennan, Executive Director for the Industrial Development Authority, advised that Golden's Foundry is in the Industrial Park on the east side of Cordele and occupying the building that the Georgia Ductile Foundry operated out of. They have about sixty employees and will grow to around one hundred or more. This is a loan to the company, they will repay that loan, and then it will revolve into our Revolving Loan Fund to be loaned out to other businesses in the future. Chairman Nance asked for any comments from the public. Dravien McGill asked if this would bring in new jobs, and Mr. Drennan advised that when this company moved here, part of the agreement with DCA was that they would generate a minimum of 100 jobs; right now their business is down so they haven't reached that goal yet, but they feel that within the next year they will be growing back to the 100 jobs. There were no further comments, and Chairman Nance closed the Public Hearing.


Mrs. Leverett reported that back in February or March they begin working on submitting an application to GEFA for the landfill construction, the initial estimates came in at $2,766,304, and we submitted an application to GEFA for that amount. We knew that the debt service on the new debt was going to run upwards of around $250,000, so as part of that application, we also requested re-financing on some of the current GEFA Loans that we have, hoping to get a lower interest rate and help relieve some of the annual debt requirements. On April 22nd, we received notification from GEFA that our loan was approved for the $2,766,304 at 3.89% interest rate for a term of 15 years, and we also reduced the maturity of this loan down to what we thought was within reason of how long the cells would last. They also approved refinancing of three of our other GEFA Loans, Loans #2,3,4; those loans were at 5.1%, 4.24%, and 5.35% down to 2% interest rate. They have also placed an additional requirement on us as we will have to pay off the GEFA Loan #1 by the end of FY10. We had planned to do that anyway. The other requirement is the subject of this Resolution she has today. Because of the financial situation of the landfill, they are requiring that the Board guarantee that they will transfer a minimum amount of $400,000 annually into the Landfill Fund until such time as this fund becomes financially stable. We were going to have to do that anyway, and we have already budgeted for it next year. She read the Resolution. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to approve the Resolution For GEFA Fund to Construct Landfill Cells, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously. She advised that right now they are not sure if the numbers are correct for the loan application, and we will probably have to go back and adjust the numbers when we get that final number.


Administrator Crapse reported that we have a request from the City of Vienna for Crisp County to become a joint applicant in a OneGeorgia Grant to provide $500,00 for wastewater infrastructure supporting Tyson's Food. The current sewer system supporting Tyson's Food has failed on several occasions, and Tyson's has indicated that if it can't be repaired, they may be looking to modify their operations or move it. In order to retain those jobs, many of which come from Crisp County, OneGeorgia requires that there be three joint applicants other than the City of Vienna, so we will be joining Sumter and Dooly counties as well. The county has no financial liability, this is just a cooperative requirement that OneGeorgia has, and he recommends the Board adopt this Resolution. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to approve the Resolution for Vienna Joint OneGeorgia Grant for Sewer Infrastructure, seconded by Mr. Harris, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that the City of Cordele is also requesting funds from the OneGeorgia Grant to widen Frontage Road and the little piece of Kelly Road that goes out to Hwy. 300. In order to better serve the Perimeter Park area to create more jobs and retain those jobs in this area, most of which are held by Crisp County residents, OneGeorgia required three other entities. In this case we will be joining with Wilcox and Dooly counties as well; again the county has no financial liability but improvements in that road will serve us all well and will be good for our community. He would recommend that the Board adopt this Resolution. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to approve the Resolution for Cordele Joint OneGeorgia Grant to Widen Frontage Road & Kelly Road, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that the Crisp-Dooly Joint Development Authority has requested that the Board reappoint our three members whose terms expires in May and June, 2009. These members are Faye Adkins, Bruce Drennan, and Joe Crenshaw; all three of these member have requested to be reappointed for another four-year term, and he would recommend that the Board appoint these three members to the Crisp-Dooly Joint Development Authority. Motion was made by Mr. Faircloth to reappoint Fay Adkins to a four-year term ending 5-30-2013 and reappoint Bruce Drennan and Joe Crenshaw to four-year terms ending 6-30-2013 on the Crisp-Dooly Joint Development Authority, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that as of April 22nd, the Local Government Employee Health Insurance Plan had a cash reserve of approximately $1.3 million, with projection of around $1.2 million at the end of FY10 plan year in a normal case, and worst case we would end up with approximately $727,421. We strive to keep a minimum of $1 million cash position; we have an adequate reserve, so he would recommend that the Board approve no increase in the health insurance contributions for the employers and employees for FY10. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to approve no changes in the coverage or costs of the Local Government Employee Health Insurance Plan for FY10, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse advised that current status of our budget has some very real and difficult realities in it, and with these deep cuts in our proposed budget, which at this point is $124,773 less than last current year, and we are still short by about $1 million. They propose to make up the shortfall by taking it out of reserves. Mrs. Leverett reported that the General Fund Budget is unbalanced at $981,095, and they have already made some deep cuts in operations and personnel. The cost of living for employees has been reduced from 3% to 2%, they are recommending cuts too most all of the outside agencies by at least 25%, and those items are already included in this budget. The Water Fund is balanced at $390,500; the Landfill Fund is balanced at $1,534,115, but that balance does include a transfer in from the General Fund at $403,116; the E-911 Fund is balanced at $743,722 and also includes a transfer in from the General Fund of $310,222; the Jail Maintenance Fund is balanced at $159,000 which includes a transfer in from the General Fund of $40,500. A copy of the 2010 Budget Proposal as presented today is available for public review at the office of the Finance Director in Room 308 of the Crisp County Courthouse. She advised that the Revenues for the General Fund projections include the digest numbers as they were last year and when she gets the hard numbers from the Tax Assessor's Office, she will be better able to estimate those numbers. The Administrator advised that money for all furniture and vehicles have been taken out and there is a little money left for small equipment and things like that, unless there was a possibility of grant money. Mrs. Leverett advised that one of the major reductions in revenue is in the Local Option Sales Tax as those numbers are down, and we did show a reduction from the current year to projected year in revenue of about $200,000. Nothing is out of the ordinary in the Water Fund, as there is no rate increase projected and the water revenues are based on current rates; the Landfill Fund does not have any rate increases projected here either. They will continue to work on this proposed budget and have a final recommendation for Commissioners hopefully at the next regular meeting. She asked for feedback from the Commissioners, especially from the outside agencies. The Administrator went over the expenses of the outside agencies, and advised that the cuts in these outside agencies amounts to about $140,000, but if they are going to recommend this and Commissioners restore it later, they had rather not cut it now. He advised that there is some money in contingencies if Commissioners think some of these numbers need to be added back in. They asked Commissioners to look over the budget, and let them know if they want to make any changes, as they don't have to have this information today.


Administrator Crapse advised that part of their budget process was to include a review of our rental rates for rental of county building space to outside agencies. Currently Middle Flint Behavioral Healthcare rent 7,000 feet of space for $2,500 a month, which is basically $4.29 a square foot, and the USDA/FSA office rents 3,924 square feet for $1,635 a month, which is $5.00 a square foot. In checking with a realtor on commercial rental rates in Cordele, he was advised that rates range from $7 to $12 per square foot per year. There has never been a rental rate increase on either one of these buildings to his knowledge, and basically what he is recommending is that the rental rates for county building space for outside agencies be increased to $6.00 per square foot a year. That would result in increase rent to Middle Flint Behavioral of $1,000 per month bringing it to $3,500 a month, and an increase to the USDA/FSA of $327 a month bringing their total rent to $1,962 a month. Mr. Mathis asked if the Administrator could get some information from other counties as to what they are charging in this type situation, and he advised that he would get that information and get back to them with it. Mr. Crapse stated that he knows this is a difficult situation for the Commissioners, but if the Board decides to do this, he would recommend that they make that effective date July 1st to coincide to our fiscal year. He advised that this decision does not have to be made today.


Administrator Crapse reported that we have a letter from Regency Pools about the unsafe condition of the Northside Pool. The Baker Act requires all public pools to have certain work done with regard to the drains, and due to the changes in those laws and the deterioration of the pools, they feel there is a necessity to modify the swimming pool program. The Willie P. Pickens pool requires about $12,500 of work to bring into compliance with the current law plus there is about $29,200 additional repairs that we need to make. We have about $19,000 left in the Westside Recreation Grant, which would allow us to bring that pool into compliance and have about $6,500 to make some of those priority repairs right away. Brockey Brock, Leisure Opportunities Director, advised that they have quite a few children that utilize this pool. Administrator Crapse advised the Recreation Pool next to the Recreation Department supports their summer day camp program and it is the one that is mostly rented for private parties, but it requires $6,000 of work to bring it into compliance plus $23,750 of additional repairs. The Northside Pool is in the worst condition in terms of safety and most costly in terms of repairs, and the repair money would have to come from county funds. The next issue is the kiddy pools as the new laws require that these pools have the same drain guards as big pools and their own separate water supply with filtration and chlorination, making them totally unaffordable. He advised that they are recommending the county use grant funds to bring Pickens Pool into compliance and do the extra $6,500 worth of priority repairs, spend the $29,750 to bring the Recreation Pool into compliance and do the additional repairs, and permanently close all kiddy pools. This way they can use the Recreation Pool for both daycamp in the morning and open swimming in the afternoon, and they would recommend that Northside Pool, at least for the 2009 and 2010 seasons be closed. They can then try to get monies in the 2011 budget to do repairs on Northside Pool as well as complete the repairs at Pickens or find some other grant money to do these. Mr. Brock advised that after the pool repairmen looked at the Northside Pool, they found that the cracks in the pool were deeper than they thought, and he was really concerned because they didn't know how much the dirt has been undermined already due to those cracks. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to accept the Administrator's recommendation, seconded by Mr. Faircloth, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that the Association County Commissioners of Georgia has asked that we update the Committee membership as soon as possible. If Commissioners are fine with the way it is or if they want to change anything, let him know by the end of the week, and he will update ACCG.


Administrator Crapse reported that he thought this has been done twice already, but the State Property Office keeps changing their mind and dropping the ball, so we are trying again to deed the Drivers License Building to the Drivers License Service with a reverter clause that states that it is theirs for as long as it remains a Drivers License Office, and when it fails to do that, it will come back to the county. He has a Resolution that the Board needs to approve with regard to deeding that property. He read the Resolution, and recommended approval of the transfer. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to adopt the Resolution Authorizing Conveyance to the Georgia Department of Driver Services of Property to be Used For A Drivers License Customer Service Center, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Judy Leary reported that she lives at 139 Mann Road, it is a dirt road, and every time it rains the road washes away. She thinks every drop of rain in Arabi comes through their road, and now it is getting to the point that it is flooding their back yard. She showed Commissioners pictures that they had taken of the road and yard, and asked if the county could build the road up or put bigger pipes in, or anything since this is their only way of getting in or out of their house. Administrator Crapse advised that he spoke with someone last week, and he told them that he and Carl Gamble would get out there and look at this road. They have had a lot on their plate in the last few weeks, but he guaranteed that they would be out there before the end of the week.


Administrator Crapse reported that he received a call about some capital money for the Transit System through the Department of Transportation. They are requesting $21,400 to put a GPS tracking system in all the transit vehicles so that they can tell where they are, and it will also monitor the vehicles speed, so they can make sure drivers are going in the right places and drive in a safe manner. He has an application the Board would need to approve both to submit the grant and authorize the Chairman to sign. It is a 100% Stimulus Grant thru DOT. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to approve the application for submission of a 5311 Stimulus Grant, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that as part of our continued efforts to clean up the county, we have contacted a lady about the property on Hwy. 41 South across from the Lions Club. The property is pretty much of no value because of it's shape and size at .42 acres, and the lady, Mrs. Nance, and her sister have agreed to donate the property to the county if we would clean it up and get rid of the eyesore as they don't have the funds to do it. He asked the Board if they would consider this, and if so, the county attorney could draw up the paperwork, and we can get our forces to clean it up and have a better looking entrance into the City. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to accept the property on Hwy. 41 South across from the Lions Club from Mrs. Nance, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried unanimously.


Administrator Crapse reported that they took bids on three projects yesterday which included the audio system, the data switch network, and landscaping for the new Courthouse. On the sound system, we had three bids: Data and Sound Specialist, Inc. of $81,535; A T & T had two bids, the lowest was $165,069 and the highest was $212,381; and a third bid in the amount of $82,062.12. The low bid came in under their anticipated budget. Based on the options that were included in the bid, he and John Crow, IT Specialist for the county, recommend approval of Data And Sound Specialist, Inc. Mr. Crow advised that the reason this equipment is so much cheaper is that it utilizes modular equipment, and it is actually one piece of equipment that is connected by cables. Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to approve the low bid for the audio system at the new Courthouse from Data and Sound Specialist, Inc. in the amount of $81,535, seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried with Mr. Harris and Mr. Faircloth not present.


Administrator Crapse reported that this is for the data switch network, it is more complicated, and he is not asking Commissioners to make an approval today but are going to ask that you give them the opportunity to make this decision after they study it more carefully. They have three bids that are within $731 of each other, which include bids of $36,331, $36,504, and $35,733; we have an anomaly in that one bid is $51,612 but that bid comes with a lifetime warranty. They are checking on the warranty and maintenance costs for these options, and they would like to be able to contract with the one that provides the lowest cost or the best value considering the purchase of the equipment and the long-term maintenance. He does think we will be on or under budget on this bid also. Motion was made by Mr. Mathis to allow the Administrator and Mr. Crow to make the final decision on the data switch network after they have checked on everything to see who can provide the lowest cost and the best long-term maintenance, seconded by Mr. Culpepper, motion carried with Mr. Harris and Mr. Faircloth not present.


Administrator Crapse reported that they are not going to make any recommendation on the landscape design at this time, but they have some very, very good proposals. The difference in most of the prices is the number and quality of plants, and with the number and size of the plants and trees that they have submitted, it is going to take time to figure it all that out to get the best deal. They had given bidders a number to work with, and they gave them the number, size, and quality of plants they could do for that amount, and it just going to take a while to go over all of those bids.


Mrs. Leverett reported that today's packet includes the executive summary for the month of April, 2009 as well as year to date. First is the report of revenues and expenditures for our three major funds. In the General Fund, recorded revenue for April in the amount of $715,173 brings the year to date total to $11,164,275, representing 80.07% of annual budget. $837,940 in monthly expenditures brings that year to date total to $10,683,200 or 76.62% of budget and leaves the General Fund at the end of April with revenues exceeding expenditures by $481,075. For the Landfill Fund, we recorded $88,767 in monthly revenue and $924,046 year to date. Monthly expenditures were $102,503; year to date, $1,103,012 leaving the landfill with a year to date net loss of $178,966. We received a total of 3206.14 tons of waste for the month of April. Approximately 49% of that was received from Onyx under their commercial contract and 16% under the City of Cordele free residential contract. Tonnage was up a little over the previous few months, but still running behind last years averages by about 700 tons per month. The GEFA Loans are current at $3,470,753. Again, the red flag here is that the paying tonnage is down on average about 720 tons per month from last year. This equates to about $24,000 month in revenue reductions for this fund. For the month of April, the Water Fund recorded revenues of $30,362; YTD $336,492. Expenditures for the month totaled $64,220; YTD $350,309, leaving the Water Fund with a net loss at 4/30/09 of $13,817. Water usage for the month was 4,407,000 gallons, and the USDA Bonds are current at $1,702,627. Next is the Cash Report for April. In the General Fund we have $6,742,798; the Landfill Fund, $1,996,605, the revolving loan fund $193,436, the SPLOST Funds, $3,434,421 and the Water Fund ended the month of with $952,030 giving us a county wide total of $13,319,290. Of that, $121,792 is reserved for debt service, $55,530 for customer deposits and $3.4 million for capital projects. In the SPLOST report for the 2000 Issue, as of April 30, 2009, we have spent $15.7 million of the $17.6 million dollars collected, leaving us with $1,875,721 to complete the various City and County projects associated with this issue. Over 1/2 of that balance is designated for County road projects. Following that is the SPLOST budget to actual for the 2000 Issue. To date we have total collections of $14,062,938, total expenditures of $13,056,908. This weeks payment to Turner Construction will force the 2005 SPLOST fund into a short term borrowing situation with the General Fund until the revenue distributions "catch up" with expenditures associated with projects budgeted under this issue. Distribution #38 (of 72) in the amount of $259,388 received in April drops our current monthly average down to $370,077. The April detail listing of all the SPLOST Fund expenditures for both issues show total disbursements for the month of April were $87,295. Projects benefiting from SPLOST funds for the month of April were the Town of Arabi, the City of Cordele, the Coroner, the new Courthouse and the Garbage Collection division of Public Works. Next is the CDBG Revolving Loan Fund monthly report, which includes the balance and status of all our CDBG Revolving Loan Fund Accounts. We remain at nine (9) outstanding loans with a total balance due of $1,870,922. Five are current. Southeastern Forest products are now delinquent. The last report included in your packet is the revenues by fund and expenditures by department report as of April 30, 2009. The summary report shows the expended percentage of appropriations for each individual department and the total for each fund. At the end of April all departments and divisions should be within 83% of their annual allowances. Overall, the General Fund Expenditures were at 77%, the Water Fund at 61% and the Landfill fund at 75%.


Administrator Crapse reported that; 1) he attended several meetings and events last month; 2) the 2008 Homeowners Tax Relief Grant funds have still not been received; 3) the Courthouse project continues on time! Brickwork is complete this week. First & second finish 80% complete. Curb & gutter is complete with parking lot paving to begin this week. Elevator installation is complete & tested. Millwork is 70% complete with bench woodwork being done this week. The major impasse with some interior doors and windows has been resolved. The RTU screening system will begin this week. Expect Certificate NLT June 8th. We are working with occupants on the "Moving/Transition" plan now. It looks like we will have at least $75,000 left over in unexpended contingency left, which will cover about half of the elevation change costs. Columns are coming this week; 4) there was one new SPLOST expenditure approved this month, $37,227, the purchase of 12 new roll-off containers; 5) work on clearing the Big Tex property between Midway Road and I-75 has continued after the big rains. We are 60% complete with the clearing work for the Big Tex Project; 6) I am still working with Johnny Floyd to get some stimulus package road improvements for Crisp County at the Cedar Creek Corporate Park; but there is nothing for Crisp County so far. Our State Aid projects are waiting for the announcements after July 1st; 7) we have negotiated an agreement with the new Air Evacuation Unit in Cordele to host an antenna on our tower for $600 a month, beginning May 15th; 8) funding Bill for repair of the two railroad bridges for the HOG & CIP has still not been signed or vetoed by the Governor so if nothing happens, it will become law tomorrow; 9) the Governor did sign HB 233 freezing property assessments for 2008 for at least two years. The Department of Revenue is working to sort out the rules and make the necessary WinGAP changes, but this in my mind could seriously hamper our ability to have our 2009 Digest on time. DOR has indicated that they will be favorable in granting extensions, that could set aside penalties but it could still hurt our revenue stream if Tax Bills are not ready; 10) we are also looking to find some stimulus funding somewhere. We are still working two routes on the Broadband stimulus funding for the 800 MHz upgrade and one with the Power Commission on rural high speed Internet, some COPS funds for new security officers in the new Courthouse, a methane gas collection system, replacement of streetlights with LEDS, a small wastewater system for the Lake Area, a Fire Station and assistance for the Courthouse; 11) we should be getting our information from Albany Communication, the project funding update we need for our Stimulus Grant Application for the 800 MHz System; 12) as part of our continuing effort to improve the appearance of our community, the landowner of a small parcel where 7th & 8th Streets split across from the Lions Club and Bush's, has offered to donate it to the County because they don't have the money to clean it up. This small sliver of .42 acres has virtually no value under existing codes, but clearing it up would greatly improve the appearance of the entry into Cordele if the County would agree to accept it; 13) we have been added to the Presidential Declaration from the bad weather wind event, and we met again yesterday for another kickoff meeting for getting public assistance funding to help pay additional work that was required and still going on; 14) ten counties in SW Georgia have been declared emergency areas due to the dramatic increase in mosquito activity following the heavy rains and flooding last month. This is apparently generated by the local Health Departments, through the Health District. We are seeking more info on this in hopes we can get some assistance, as we are getting a much elevated level of citizen complaints; 15) I have prepared a draft plaque content for the Bronze Plaque inside the Courthouse for your approval. It would generally look like the example I handed out with your approved wording; and 16) the Community of Character Word for the Month of May is RESPECT FOR THE CREATOR. To acknowledge that every person is born with an intrinsic worth and basic freedoms and rights given by the Creator. To feel and show honor for the Creator.


Motion was made by Mr. Culpepper to adjourn the meeting at 1:58 p.m., seconded by Mr. Mathis, motion carried with Mr. Harris and Mr. Faircloth not present.

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