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Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman J. R. Dowdy, Jr., with Commissioners James D. Harris, A. James Nance and Ferrell Henry in attendance. Others present were County Attorney Guy D. Pfeiffer, County Finance Director Sherrie Leverett and secretary Linda Finch. Mr. Henry gave the invocation.


Motion was made by Mr. Nance to approve the minutes of the meetings of August 12 and September 2, 2003, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.


Collis Brown, State Coordinator for Flood Plain Management, met with Commissioners and stated that they work in concert with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and technical assistance to the local governments in Georgia that participate in the National Flood Insurance Program, and part of their responsibility is to assess local flood plain management programs, visit local governments on a periodic basis and provide any type of assistance to those governments. He stated that in July, they met with the flood plain management staff here, Connie Sangster and Jimmy Mumphery, to review the flood plain management program of Crisp County, and in addition to looking at records, they conducted a cursory survey of the flood hazard areas that are mapped on the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map. He stated that the two staff persons have a very workable knowledge of the Flood Plain Management Program and have been doing a good job, and there is no perfect program among the local governments. He advised that in looking here they did find some things that are easily correctable, and the things they found, in talking with Ms. Sangster and Mr. Mumphery, they have already begun to address. He stated that one of the major concerns dealt with substantial improvement of structures that are in the flood hazard area as shown on the FEMA Flood Map for homes that were existing prior to the county entering into the flood insurance program in 1994. He advised they had a little misunderstanding about this and hopefully through their meeting, they have corrected this, but basically they need to be very aware of the rules when persons substantially improve existing structures built prior to 1994, that equal or exceed 50% of the market value of the structure itself. He advised that these are correctable things, and they don’t see any major problem with the Flood Plan Management Program in Crisp County. Mr. Henry ask what changes with this entail, and Ms. Sangster stated that the way they had interpreted, you could add on or renovate existing structures at the main level as long as you didn’t exceed 50%, and what they told them is that if you add on, you have to elevate the new part. She stated that they wanted Commissioners to understand also, so when the next person comes in to add on, and they tell them they can’t do this anymore, Commissioners will understand that they are going by the FEMA guidelines. Mr. Brown stated that when people are making an additional investment in the structure, you want to provide some measure of protection for flooding, this is basically what it does, plus it reduces the cost of flood insurance by meeting the elevation requirements. He advised that they are regulating only structures that it is identified on the FEMA map, and that every local government has to comply with the minimum standards set out by the National Insurance Program. Mr. Harris asked if you have to raise storage buildings, and Mr. Brown stated that they are looked at as a minimal investment and are not necessarily required to be elevated but should be properly anchored and able to allow water to pass around and thru the building. Mr. Nance stated that if they have to raise a part up it may not look as well, but an advantage would be the savings on the flood insurance.


John Pate, owner of Southern Pines Subdivision, stated that he wants to continue with his Southern Pines Subdivision, it was changed to RS1 in the initial development stages of Phase 1 & II, and now he is wanting to rezone to RS1 for the remaining of that land lot and to be able to continue with his development over the years. Ms. Sangster, Assistant Planning Director, stated that Mr. Pate wants to change the zoning from RR to RS1, where double wide mobile homes are permissible and single wides are permissible by special use, and the part around the subdivision is city property and that is zoned Planned Development District, which is single family residential. Chairman Dowdy asked for any comments, there were none, and motion was made by Mr. Henry to close the Public Hearing, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Walter Blake, reported that they opened the one bid that was submitted on the communication site, it was around $289,000.00; he and Carl Gamble looked at the backup power situation, they found that there is enough backup power in the generator at the jail and that it could be run underground and supply power to the tower site, and they will put a multi-user panel in the building which will allow any new user in the future to be able to get power from the panel. He has contacted the bidder, CSSI Communications Systems Services, Inc. from Dublin, and asked what problems this would cause by taking the transfer switch and generator out, plus cut the building back some, and they reduced the cost of the project by $22,295.00, which would bring the bid to $257,655.00. He advised that the bid matches up with what we need as far as the insurance certificates and all the training and memberships they required, and he would recommend that we go forward with this project. Chairman Dowdy ask if the place where we will put the tower is acceptable, and he replied yes and we will have to get a FAA and FCC registration for the tower, plus move the FCC license from the existing tower at Wenona up to this tower, and this will take several months to get this coordination done. Mr. Pfeiffer asked what did he anticipate to be the cash flow requirements, and Mr. Blake stated it is 30% of the total bid upon issuance of the approval of the bid and award of the order, 30% upon delivery of the tower, 30% upon completion of the tower and building and final 10% upon the completed inspection. Mr. Pfeiffer stated that we need to tie down some dates because we need to make sure we have the permitting in place before we are too locked in. Mr. Blake stated that he would get these dates, and Mr. Henry thanked Mr. Pate and Mr. Gamble for their hard work on this project. Motion was made by Mr. Henry to accept the bid and then we will prepare the necessary documents in the event everything works out, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.


Eddie Daniels and Carl Gamble met with Commissioners to discuss the possible right of way for four streets in Cedar Lake Subdivision. Mr. Gamble reported that these are county roads and will finish up the roads in this section, and he would request a survey first and then see about obtaining the 60' right-of-way, as Mr. Daniels owns the majority of the land in this area. Mr. Gamble advised that water is in this area, but no sewer. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to allow Mr. Gamble to proceed with the survey on May & Rose Avenues, Pearl Street & Pond Circle in Cedar Lake Subdivision, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Mr. tenBensel reported that they sent out requests for proposal for the proposed fiscal year 2004 Community Development Block Grant, they had four different firms to reply which are B & E Jackson & Associates, Hodges, Harbin, Newberry & Tribble, James W. Buckley & Associates & Regional Engineering Group. He handed out an evaluation sheet with ratings of each firm on each category such as fees, experience, references, all costs inclusive, etc. and came up with a scoring ranking for each firm, and reported that this is just for Commissioners review and they can decide which one they would like to work with. After reviewing all of the bids, motion was made by Mr. Harris to select Hodges, Harbin, Newberry & Tribble as the engineers for the proposed FY04 CDBG, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Mr. tenBensel stated that on the new CDBG project in the Omar Heights and Meadow Park area, we need to get the private water systems appraised, and the cost of this can be counted in the county’s leverage. He advised that there is a firm in Macon that does this kind of work, and he would contact them and anyone else Commissioners knew who does this. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to allow Mr. tenBensel to get an appraisal on the private water systems in the Omar Heights and Meadow Park area, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.


Mr. tenBensel stated that Mr. Nance put in many hours with him last year helping him in the Newtown Area to get the survey’s they needed, and he stated it really helped to have someone that knew the area and the people. Mr. Nance volunteered to help Mr. tenBensel with the survey’s in the Omar Heights and Meadow Park area since this is part of his district.


Mr. tenBensel stated that he and Ebony White, of his staff, met with Kathy Odom in regards to the money left in the One Georgia Grant for the train, and one thing Mrs. Odom said was that they are planning on having more trips that last into the evening, so she was looking into some lighting for the platforms. He advised that in planning for this, they are thinking of making a joint Crisp/Sumter joint application for this D.O.T. money, but she checked, and the Department of Natural Resources can apply for this money. He stated that she would like to go this way, but they would like to come back with some proposals and get a letter of support from the Commissioners.


Motion was made by Mr. Harris to adopt the Lights On After School Proclamation, seconded by Mr. Henry and motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Dowdy appointed James D. Harris as the voting delegate to the ACCG Fall Policy Conference in Atlanta.


Mrs. Leverett stated that this proposed Resolution would update the mileage rate for reimbursement to county employees from .25 to .36 a mile, the same as the IRS rate. Mr. Pfeiffer stated that he thinks the state reimbursement is .25 a mile. Motion was made by Mr. Henry to stay with whatever the state reimbursement for mileage is, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Martha Baker, E-911 Director, reported that in regards to her furniture, they took approximately $5,000.00 off for the fusion power lift on each of the four consoles, and that brought the three consoles to $33,484.45 and four consoles to $40,373.70. She stated that as far as the aesthetics on the Murray Printing bid, that would look fine but they would not have the acoustical value that they would have with Watson Furniture, you would have a peg board instead of a cloth or soundproofing which is very valuable in a 911 center. She advised that Watson’s does have a 10 year warranty and she has checked with several counties is the state, and a good many are going to this type of furniture, she explored both bid proposals, and based on her experience, she would have to recommend the equipment from Watson that is made specifically for dispatching and advised that they need the four consoles. Mr. Henry reported that he, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Leverett, and Mr. Gamble visited with Martha and discussed this, Mrs. Leverett has done exactly what she needs to do, found ways of cutting the cost and he applauds her for this, he does respect the recommendation that Mrs. Baker is making and would like to see us stay with that recommendation as we are spending a large amount of money on this, and he made the motion to purchase the four consoles for $40,373.70 from Watson Furniture, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Leverett stated that this will be part of the reallocation that we will do at one time after the public hearing process.


Chairman Dowdy reported that we need to sign a release to be able to accept an insruance check for $9,500.00 for damage done to equipment at the airport. Motion was made by Mr. Nance to authorize the release to accept the insurance check, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Leverett reported that they have the July report, it is a little obscured because a lot of the receipts in July are accrued revenue for the previous fiscal year, we are still maintaining the cash flow but when you look at the revenues versus expenditures don’t panic as it is just the first month of the new fiscal year. She stated that the auditors will be here Tuesday and this will be the first audit under the new regulations and under GASB 34, preliminary figures for the year end in the General Fund looks like we may be $50,000 to $60,000 to the good, not including depreciation as this is the first year we have to report depreciation; Water Fund estimated at about $125,000 profit; and Landfill Fund is going to just about break even.


Mr. Gamble reported that we now have a proposed site plan for the Georgia State Patrol site, they will be using 3.463 acres of the seven acres that is available, and he also advised that we have a set of plans from SP Design for the building. Motion was made by Mr. Harris to accept the site plans and authorizing Mr. Gamble to notify the architect so that they can proceed with the project, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Dowdy stated that they are going ahead on Hannah Road, the City has agreed to use Folsom Construction for the repair of the shoulders of the road where the City’s water line contractor installed the water main, then our contractor can pave the road hopefully by the end of the month. Mr. Gamble stated that they are moving slowly on the site for the Youth and Family Resource Center, and they are continuing to work on Floyd Road getting the survey so it will meet the D.O.T. specifications, and scheduled to begin soon on the survey for Dockweiler Road.


Motion was made by Mr. Henry to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Harris to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


Motion was made by Mr. Henry to authorize the Chairman to enter into a one year contract with Mr. Lester E. (Gene) Crapse, Jr. as the new County Administrator beginning September 15, 2003, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously. Chairman Dowdy reported that Mr. Nance and Mr. Henry talked to Mrs. Pheil last week and she concurred with them that we can move forward. Mr. Crapse replied that he was pleased to be here and is looking forward to working hard for Crisp County and hope to have a good relationship with all and be able to do a lot for the county.


Motion was made by Mr. Henry to adjourn meeting at 11:01 a.m., seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.

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