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MAY 13, 2003 MEETING


    Meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by Chairman J. R. Dowdy, Jr., with the following Commissioners in attendance: Vice-Chairman James D. Harris, A. James Nance, Joyce C. Pheil and Ferrell Henry. Also present were County Administrator John S. Pate, Jr., County Attorney Guy D. Pfeiffer and secretary Linda Finch. Mrs. Pheil gave the invocation.


    Motion by Mr. Nance to approve the minutes of the meetings of April 4, 8,16 & 28, 2003 subject of the change that was noted by Commissioner Pheil, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.


    Connie Sangster, Assistant Planning Director, read the criteria that the Commissioners have to go by in making their decision on a special use permit request. Michael Hartledge with Milestone Communications and acting as the agent for AT&T Wireless, ask for approval of a special use permit to allow for the location, construction, and operation of a wireless communication facility. He brought a Letter of Intent, which includes an outline of the Ordinance Compliance for the proposed tower site, a propagation map, a site drawing, and photos of the site. He said they he is here to ask permission to build a tower communications site off of Weldon Road. He advised that it will be a 180' monopole tower together with two small accessory cabinets for the equipment, it will be fenced entirely by a chain link fence and a locked gate, and the tower can accommodate two other carriers, plus adequate ground space has been leased to provide for the additional cabinets. He advised that the facility including the landscaping will be maintained on a monthly basis or as needed, and the property is currently zoned rural residential. He advised that there are 91.8 acres here, the tower sits almost directly in the center of the site, and there is a large growth of trees on the site already, they are proposing the tower to go behind these trees, and they will be putting in a buffer to go around the fenced in area to shield the compound and accessory buildings. He showed the propagation map and, if the site is turned on, the coverage that is intended and needed for them to provide the E-911 service as well as the wireless service, a requirement of the FCC, and without this tower site there will be about a four mile gap that E-911 service will not be provided to passers by; and advised that they are asking to build this tower solely to fill a gap in their service. Mrs. Pheil ask how it would impact what they are thinking if they knew the county was considering a 480' tower on Hwy. 300 near the jail, and he doesnít think that would have very much impact on this as they would still have the same gap in coverage problem. Mr. Henry stated that he thinks it is important that we understand that it is not going to be competitive to the county at any time. Chairman Dowdy asked if approved, when would it be turned on, and Mr. Hartledge advised that it is his understanding that it will be turned on by January 31, 2004, and that in order to satisfy their requirements with the FCC, they need this tower. Motion by Mr. Nance to close the Public Hearing, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously. Mr. Harris made a motion that the county grant permission to AT&T to build their tower and died for a lack of a second. Mrs. Pheil replied that she wants to be sure in her mind she is not doing anything to jeopardies our position with our tower. Mr. Pate stated that he has hired a firm to reconcile the wide variances of bids on the proposed county tower, and he thinks they will be able to address this problem in the next few days, and he will get them to look at this proposal.


    Ms. Sangster reported that Sleth Enterprises wants to erect a building off of Farmers Market Road on the I-75 frontage, this is not a county road, she has explained to them that the county does not maintain this road, and they understand this. She stated that when they revised the zoning map, they left this area with the road Rural Residential because it is not a county maintained road. Doug Sleth stated that they are doing an independent franchise deed for Buffet Pizza Company, that services primarily to convenience stores, which includes setting up pizza shops and servicing them. He advised that they are looking for storage space to locate centrally in his territory, and are looking to relocate in the Cordele area because of the geographic proximity to the territory they service, presently they are leasing space in Unadilla and would like to own their own building. He advised that they want to build a warehouse type building about 7,000 square feet, he showed pictures of a warehouse they own that they are modeling it after, and they currently employ four people. He advised that they would like to have the property rezoned from Rural Residential to Heavy Commercial plus a special use permit He stated that he knew the road was not a county road when they purchased the property and it will be their responsibility to keep it maintained. Chairman Dowdy asked for any comments for or against the rezoning, and was none. Motion by Mr. Henry to close the Public Hearing, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimoulsy. Commissioners will make the decision in June.


    Bill Dorough, Farmers Market Director, reported that they have taken down the old platform at the Farmers Market and put up a new one, and are in the process of building fifteen metal buildings on the platform that will be rented out for retail use with entrances on front and back; alsoone of the buildings will be used for security for the deputies. He advised that they are rebuilding the area around the dumpsters along with Mr. Gamble and public works, and will, for the first time, charge non-farmers a truck fee to bring their produce into the market this year. He said with the rental of the buildings and the fees from the non-farmers, they will be bringing in some revenue which will please the taxpayers, and he thanked the County Commissioners and Public Works for the work they have helped them do to get the market ready this season.


    Linda Clements and Ken Lewis wer present for a presentation of a Resolution to Linda Clements. Mr. Lewis reported that after twenty-nine years of dedicated service, Ms. Clements has taken a well deserved retirement, she has been a true public servant to the county, and they will miss her. Ms. Clements stated that it has been a pleasure serving Crisp County. Commissioners all thanked her and wished her well in her new endeavor. Mr. Pate read the Resolution publicly commending and thanking Ms. Clements for her unselfish service to the citizens of Crisp County while employed by the Crisp County Corporative Extension Service.


    Commissioners also had Resolutions commending David Pitts on his service to The Development Authority of Crisp County and Billy Ruis on his service to the Crisp County Recreation Advisory Board. Mr. Pate will get their Resolutions to them.


    Leigh Bailey, Director of Community Relations, and Jason Hayes, Director of Respiratory Therapy at Crisp Regional, came on behalf of National Hospital Week, and Mrs. Bailey thanked Commissioners for their support to Crisp Regional. Mr. Pate read the Resolution declaring the week of May 11 through May 17, 2003 as Hospital Week in Crisp County and urging all citizens to support Crisp Regional Hospital. Commissioners thanked them for the services they provide the citizens of the community.


    Mike Talley, engineer with Stephenson & Palmer, reported that the feasibility studies are in steps, they have completed the first step, the next step is the detail study which proves or disproves what impacts upstream and downstream, and the biggest bulk of the fee will be for surveying. Mr. Pate reported that Mr. Burch, owner of property in the area, has given us permission to go on his property. Mr. Talley stated that there is some concern about future development alongside I-75, the modeler indicated, if the project was authorized, they would sit down with the Zoning Department and determine the areas of future growth and paving so they could prepare for the future. He advised that some of these improvements are happening inside the city limits and are outside of the countyís jurisdiction, and he recommended, whether they approve the detail study or not, that they form a partnership with the City to go over zoning regulations and specifically storm water detention policy. He advised that the scope of their project is surveying, modeling and then presenting to the Commission their recommendation of a revised construction cost estimate which will be the next step after the detail study is completed. Mr. Talley stated that the survey and modeling is $25,000.00, this study will be a continuation of the survey that has already been completed, just at a higher density so that they can predict what the effect will be upstream and downstream, which will include additional surveys on the Birch property, the one they couldnít get on last time, and doing several more sections between Hwy 41, Culpepper and the railroad, and they will probably not go any further east that Royal Road. Motion by Mrs. Pheil to approve the expenditure of $25,000.00 to Stephenson & Palmer for a more detailed study in the Cedar Creek area, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously. Mr. Pate advised that he has a tentative agreement with Mr. Folsom, who owns some low areas along the creek, for a detention pond. Mr. Talley advised that their modeler is tied up and will be sixty to ninety days before he could get to the project, but they will be able to begin surveying withing thirty days.


    Luke Raines stated that it looks like it floods about every two years, he has had flood insurance for several years, and according to FEMA he is not in a flood plain, plus he has been paying flood insurance, but now he has been notified that, since he has had three losses, they are over doubling his insurance premiums for less coverage, and something needs to be done. He stated that water has never been in his house, but it has been under his house and does damage to the insulation and duck pipe under his house, then he has to have the insulation replaced and pipe put back. Mr. Pate advised that he will contact the City of Cordele about the storm detention pond and see if they can get started on that.


    Helen Williams and Carol Singley, AFLAC representatives, reported that they have worked with county employees in the past and up until the Commissioners voted not to have any more insurance payroll deductions, and they want to know if they can come back in and work these employees, update the policies and work the new employees. Chairman Dowdy stated that when they passed this in 1988, it was taken time away from the employees doing their job and putting more work on the Administration Department. Mrs. Pheil stated that if it is on payroll deductions and we allow some employees to have it, then she doesnít want to discriminate against any county employees, she hears every day we lose good employees because of our benefit package, and she thinks we need to take a whole look at our entire benefits package. Mrs. Singley said that the insurance is available to everybody but not at payroll rates. Mr. Henry agreed that we need to review our benefit package, and Mr. Nance thinks there evidently was a problem at that time and we can take a look at another time. Commissioners advised that they would look at this while they are looking at the budget.


    Bill Roberts stated that he moved here in the fall of last year and he has never seen anything like the mosquitos we have had this year, he knows the county doesnít have a magic bucket of money to spend on this, but because of the growing number of West Nile cases, he would like the Commission to look at some way of addressing next yearís mosquito program, we need a revenue stream that is on a continuous flow to address this problem, and maybe the Commission can appoint a committee to study a method to come up with a revenue stream that will supply the funds to do a mosquito radicating program in the county. Chairman Dowdy thanked Mr. Roberts for coming in and sharing his ideas with the Commission.


    Hal Newberry, engineer for the landfill, advised that with the expansion of the landfill and starting construction of cells 8 & 9, the landfill has fallen under Title V requirement of the Clean Air Act, which requires that you annually estimate the quantity of NMOC (non methane organic compounds) emissions from the landfill waste. He advised that the threshold of doing this is $2,750,000 tons of capacity at the landfill, and the landfill now has in excess of $5 million tons. He advised that in March, the county did the Tier I reporting, where they do a theoretical estimation based on the tons of waste in place, and they determined that the county probably does exceed the threshold level of NMOCís per year, and with that being done, you have to go into the Tier II testing, which involves someone coming out and they sample below the surface of the closed areas of the landfill and test for the gases and make a more accurate determination of what your annual emissions are. He advised that you have 180 days from the Tier I testing to get this done, they requested proposals from two firms that can do this type of work, the low bid was $15,900.00, and they are recommending that the county award the contract to SCS Engineers in that amount to do this requirement. He advised that hopefully the on-site testing will show that the county is below the threshold amount on the emissions, and you want have to do anything else; if it shows that you do exceed that, then they are going to require some type of gas collection system and disposal by probably a flare system. Motion by Mrs. Pheil to award the contract to SCS Engineer in the amount of $15,900.00 for the study, seconded by Mr. Henry and motion carried unanimously.


    Chairman Dowdy stated that Mr. Harris would like to give up his appointment on the Tourism, Mr. Henry said he would serve on this Board, so Chairman Dowdy appointed Mr. Henry to the Tourism Board to take the place of Mr. Harris.


    Motion by Mr. Nance to reappoint Mr. Harris and Mr. Couturier to the Middle Flint Regional Development Board, seconded by Mr. Henry and motion carried unanimously.


    Mike Coleman reported that they have had two incidences recently of swarming termites in the EMS/E-911 Building, and he found we do not have any protection at this building. He advised that he has three bids for a five year contract on this building, and Arrow Exterminating is the low bid of $1,680.00 to treat it, and then an annual payment of $150.00 for the next four years. Motion by Mr. Harris to accept the low bid from Arrow Exterminating for a five year liquid herbicide contract on the EMS/E-911 Building, seconded by Mr. Henry and motion carried unanimously. Mr. Pate will see if we have terminate contracts on the other county buildings.


    Judy Griffin and Judy Gourley residents of Ray Road met with Commissioners, and Mrs. Gourley stated that they are here to pray for a yes vote today on the vote they are going to take in Executive Session for the right-of-way on Ray Road that they may have proper access, public safety protection and accessability to their homes. Chairman Dowdy and Commissioners thanked the residents on Ray Road for their patience.


    Mr. Pate reported that we have a request from the City of Cordele for disbursement on an infrastructure out of the SPLOST fund, he asked for approval of $229,858.00. Mr. Pfeiffer reported that they have a contract for payment for support they are doing on extending the services out in the Industrial Park. Motion by Mrs. Pheil approving payment of $229,858.00 to the City of Cordele for services in the Industrial Park coming out of their SPLOST funds, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried unanimously.


    Mr. Pate reported we have the bill from Aldridge Jordan Company who repaired the water line on the Hwy. 280 Bridge, the bill is $9,154.00, and he recommends payment of this bill. Motion by Mr. Harris to approve the bill from Aldridge Jordan Company in the amount of $9,154.00 for repairs of the water line on the Hwy. 280 Bridge, seconded by Mr. Henry and motion carried unanimously, contingent to Mr. Newberry looking at the bill and see if there is anything that could come off.


    Mr. Pate reported: 1) they have received and opened the communications tower bids, one came in at $79,990.00 and the other was $180,961.00, this turned out to be a complicated process and he is not satisfied until he does some more research, he has hired a RF firm in Dublin to give him a reading on what they think about the two bids and why there is such a disparity, and he would like to take no action on this until they look at the bids closer; 2) they have water meter problems in which certain elements in the meters are failing, the Hershey Meter Company has been under some negotiations with Wendell Carter, Water Department Operator, since the first of the year, he has done some research on this and has made a tentative agreement with Hershey for them to furnish us new meter equipment to fill all of the meters that we have in service and will have about 300 that will go on the shelf for the future, these units are about $60.00 more than the ones we now have, we will receive a ten year warranty on these units in view of the problems we have had with it, they will reimburse us $11,560.00 and replace the units 100 at a time, he has ask them to ship us 50 initially to approve the program and they will furnish the tool we need to break and remove the defective units; 3) we have 19 applications for the Administratorís position at present; 4) plans for the State Patrol Building are about 40% complete; 5) he has given S & P Design the go ahead to draw the plans for the Tarver Building; 6) plans for the Family Resource Center are complete and bids will be solicited soon with bid opening June 5th; and 7) budget workshop will begin at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow.


    Carl Gamble, Public Works Director, reported they are working on Floyd and Harper Roads, they have promised, weather providing, that they will be on Culpepper Road by the end of the week.


    Motion by Mr. Henry to go into Executive Session to discuss possible litigation and purchase of real estate, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried unanimously.


    Motion by Mr. Henry to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion carried unanimously.


    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:02 P.M.

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