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FEBRUARY 11, 2003

  1. Call to order

    Chairman J. R. Dowdy, Jr. called the meeting to order. Commissioners James D. Harris, A. James Nance, Joyce C. Pheil, Ferrell Henry, County Administrator John S. Pate, Jr., County Attorney Guy D. Pfeiffer, and secretary Linda Finch in attendance.

  2. Invocation

    Mrs. Pheil gave the invocation.

  3. Approval of minutes of the meetings of January 14 and February 3, 2003

    Motion by Mr. Nance, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion carried, approving minutes of the meetings of January 14 and February 3, 2003.

  4. Letter Requesting USDA Representative to Stay in Dooly County

    Chairman Dowdy reported that he has talked with Wayne West, Chairman of Dooly County Commissioners, about asking Commissioners to support a letter requesting that Patricia Simmons, USDA Representative, be relocated back to Dooly County as Ms. Simmons provides an opportunity with USDA that we might not have with her move to Tift County; she is very knowledgeable and a good many agencies look to her for guidance and assistance regarding various USDA/Rural Development programs.

    Motion by Mr. Henry, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried, allowing Chairman Dowdy to co-sign letter with Chairman West of Dooly County to send to USDA.

  5. Charles Jones and Bill Weeks regarding Onyx proposal

    Charles Jones, Landfill Attorney, reported that about three months ago, Onyx indicated that they may be making some changes in regards to the use of the landfill, Mr. Bill Weeks is here to talk about a possible proposal associated with a change in that relationship between the landfill and Onyx Corporation. Mr. Weeks reported that they would like to discuss with the county the possibility of the county closing the landfill and entering into a transfer station arrangement with them for the waste that we presently are taking into the landfill. He advised that allowing the county to close the landfill earlier will cut costs as far as building the new cells and operating the landfill, they would like to sit down with the Administrator and see what the costs are for operating the landfill and see if they can give a proposal for operating the transfer station that is already at the landfill and come up with something that might save the county money. He also proposed for them to handle curb side service to the county homes, they have a good bit of service in the county already, with the advantages being, 1) it will clean up the county, and 2) costs could go down per house if they had some type of long-term agreement with the county. He said they would like to sit down with the Administrator and submit some ideas to him. Lawson Ware stated that there billing system is terrible. Chairman Dowdy thanked Mr. Weeks for coming in and advised that he can talk with the Landfill Committee and the Administrator, and if he has a proposal suitable to the Commissioners, then they can invite him back as the Commissioners would like to make Crisp County look as good as it can. Mr. Jones asked if Onyx had any immediate plans to change what they are doing in terms of using the landfill, and Mr. Weeks said no, they would like to enter into a transfer station arrangement.

  6. Approve GEFA Contract

    Mr. Jones reported that last month, Commissioners approved Chairman Dowdy to sign the documents for the GEFA Loan, GEFA requires a Resolution to be approved, and he would like Commissioners to approve this Resolution which basically confirms what they have agreed to do. Mr. Jones read Resolution confirming that Commissioners will borrow $1,421,000.00 from GEFA at 3.9% interest.

    Motion by Mr. Nance, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried, approving the execution and delivery of the GEFA contract and any other documents necessary, and execute the attached Authorization Agreement to be able to initiate debit transactions from the Board of Commissioners.

  7. Look At All Proposals Regarding Curb Service

    Mr. Neal Adcock reported that the past administration had asked their company on a couple of different occasions to prepare some proposals for the county to consider for curb side collection of garbage, which they gladly did, but at that time the County Commission was reluctant to go to curb side collection, and all they would respectfully ask the Commission to do is whatever consideration they provide Mr. Weeks that they would provide their company also. Commissioners assured Mr. Adcock that they would look at all options and certainly give his company the same consideration as they will Onyx Corporation.

  8. Ed Barfield regarding audit

    Ed Barfield, County Auditor, met with Commissioners regarding the last audit, and stated that first and most important thing is that the financial situation of Crisp County remains strong, all elected officials, department heads and Martha and her office did a good job for the year, the opinion on the report is qualified which means it is an exception which is the same exception that we have had for the last four or five years as the Solid Waste Authority does not have an audited financial statement so there is nothing anyone can do about this as by law they are a component unit of the county and by law they are required to be put in the audit. Also, there is a positive fund equity in everything except the internal service fund, the self insurance fund, that has a $4,051.00 deficient at the end of the fiscal year, which is only a temporary thing. Mrs. Pheil stated that the Chairman has asked them to continue to work on the financial and investment policies and the notation that she read about the direction of purchasing policy of county employees are her main concerns that the Commissioners need to address.

  9. Johnny Jackson regarding dumpster sites

    Johnny Jackson brought some pictures of dumpsters on Hwy. 257 and Cemetery Road, and advised that he lives about .5 mile from these dumpsters and has seen about everything put in and around them, including chemical cans and restaurant waste. He stated that some kind of stone mixture has been put on the ground, which has been a big help, because mud has been a real problem and still is in some areas. His main concern is the appearance of the dumpster areas which goes against the Keep Crisp Beautiful campaign and the groundwater contamination, plus construction waste and tree limbs and such going into the dumpsters and then into the landfill could puncture the liners in the landfill and cause seepage into the groundwater at the landfill, plus this is an ideal place for mosquitos and such to breed during the hot weather and the odors are not pleasant. He stated that his push is going to county wide pickup. Commissioners all agreed that this is a problem in our county, and Commissioners assured him they would look at all options along and come up with the best solution they can.

  10. Kathy Garwood regarding ECEZ Grant

    Kathy Garwood reported that as part of the proposal to build the Youth and Family Resource Center, the Empowerment Zone submitted a letter stating that $65,000.00 would be available for furnishings and equipment for the Center, and it is now time to submit a proposal to EC for that funding, and her question is who should be the applying entity for the funding, should it be the Community Council as a non-profit that will be occupying the Center, or should it be the Commission in that it will be the countyís building. She advised that she is looking for an answer since the proposal is due next Monday. Mr. Pfeiffer said this grant would be equipment that will be put in the Center and taken out of the Center, and his recommendation would be for the Community Council to make the grant application as the property would be theirs.

    Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion carried, agreeing to support the Crisp County Community Council application to the Empowerment Zone.

  11. Request from Ruby Jackson and Rosie Watkins

    Mr. Pfeiffer reported that the Commission has received requests from two organizations for support to grants that relate to the same area that the Crisp County Community Council was created to coordinate, it is his understanding that on some of these grants that if more than one organization makes a request from the same county, all of the applications are tossed because they see this as a failure to collaborate, and this Commission has already done a great deal of work with the Crisp County Community Council, which was created to include anybody and everybody that is involved in youth and children. His recommendation to the Commission is one of the requirments before it come to the Commission is to ask anybody who requests support for grants relating to children to get a letter of support from the Community Council so this kind of duplication will not happen and grants will not be lost because of it. Mrs. Garwood reported that the Community Council already receives the CYCC funding and are looking at going into their second year, they had a pretty successful program and is pretty well guaranteed the second and third year of funding from CYCC, and there are two categories of funding thru CYCC currently, one is the Juvenile Delinquency pot that the Community Council is receiving for an after school program, and the other is for Abstinence Education. She advised that she was not aware of these two organizations proposals, she is aware of the school system applying for the Abstinence Education money, and this points out the need of collaboration in this county, because grant money is becoming increasingly hard to get. Rosie Watkins disagreed with the organizations applying for money to go thru the Community Council as all the funds that have come thru to the Community Council, they have only got $8,000.00, and she represents poor mothers on the west side and has been for the last seven years, and she is upset that she canít get a letter of support from the county, and if not, she will get it some place else. She advised that her organization is applying for the Abstinence Education Grant. Chairman Dowdy stated that if she can sit down with the Community Council and they agree that they are applying for separate funds, if she comes back to the County Commission she probably will get a letter of support. Mrs. Garwood stated that the Community Council is the collaborative organization, they are trying to move towards being able to bring grant funding into the community and then turn around and sub contract with other organizations, as collaboratives have a better chance of getting the funding, and that has only happened to them just a few times, it did happen with the teen pregnancy prevention dollars, and Mrs. Watkins is one of the two organizations that received funding through them.

    Motion by Mr. Henry, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion carried, approving that any requests for grants relating to children include a letter of support from the Crisp County Community Council.

  12. Public Works Projects Discussed

    Carl Gamble reported that the bridge is under construction on Fans Bridge Road, they do have the right-of- way for this road, and he would like to request permission to put it on a scheduling list so that they can go ahead and widen the road and coordinate this so when they get the bridge opened up, they will have the road widened and possibly at that time ask DOT for a paving contract as it will tie into Arabi-Warwick Road. He advised that Slim Road from Farmers Market Road to Ambrose Road is pretty populated now, and we have the opportunity to put it on a grading and drainage schedule to be able to widen this and maybe some point in time request paving for this road. He stated that Hannah, Eddie, and Hatley Roads should be ready to submit at the March meeting, Arabi-Williford, New Hope, and Sandy Mount paving projects have the tops on the roads, and is about 85% complete, and Floyd and Culpepper Roads have not yet been started. He advised that the repairs they approved for Nesbit, Wiley and McKenzie Roads have been completed and accepted by the DOT; also Ray Road is progressing and the utility companies should be out of there by the first of next week. Mr. Pate stated that he has had two compliments on the mowing crews in the last couple of weeks.

    Motion by Mr. Henry, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion carried, agreeing to put Fans Bridge and Slim Road on the scheduling list to widen the roads for possible paving in the future.

  13. Zoning Board of Appeals Members Vote Died for Lack of Votes

    Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion died for lack of two votes, reappointing Bob McAdams and Kirby Wood to the Zoning Board of Appeals for five year terms ending December 31, 2007.

  14. Adopt Policy of Serving on Commission Appointed Boards

    Motion by Mrs. Pheil, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried, expanding the number of people in the county serving on boards and adopting a policy that no person serves on more than one board that is appointed by the Commission. Mr. Henry stated he supports this as it involves more people, and in the next appointment by virtue of his vote for support for the motion, he will be voting against Kirby Wood, he has served our community extremely well and wants to go on record stating the fact that his vote will be for the motion and not against one of our appointees, and Mrs. Pheil agreed.

  15. Appoint Board Members

    1. Zoning Board of Appeals (2)

      Motion by Mr. Henry, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried, appointing Bob McAdams and Emmett Walker, Jr. to the Zoning Board of Appeals for five year terms ending December 31, 2007.

    2. Development Authority of Crisp County (3)

      Motion by Mrs. Pheil, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried, appointing Robert Bright, Candis Everett and Jamie Register to The Development Authority of Crisp County for six year terms ending March 8, 2009.

    3. Hospital Authority (1)

      Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried, accepting Hospital Authorityís recommendation and appointing Rann Folsom to fill the unexpired term of Randy Folsom term ending December 31, 2006.

  16. Discuss extra money for roof repair at old recreation gym

    Mr. Pate reported that while repairing the Recreation Gym, the contractor ran into some bad substructure on the roof that had to be replaced, they didnít feel it was appropriate to stop the contractor to wait until this meeting, but the cost of the extra amount is $1,350.00.

    Motion by Mr. Nance, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried, approving additional $1,350.00 for extra roof repair coming out the Recreation Department SPLOST account.

  17. Discuss county property on 8th Street

    Mr. Pate asked for guidance on this property as one time someone was interesting in purchasing this property. Mr. Gamble reported that there are very large cracks in the front of the building and either need to secure that or take it down. Mr. Pate said that at one time there was some concern that this might be an historical building but his finding is it is not that old. Mrs. Pheil ask what we can do to secure this without spending $40,000.00, and Mr. Gamble said he would check and see what they can do about securing the building and bring recommendation back to next regular meeting.

  18. Discuss abandonment of unused right-of-way

    Mr. Pfeiffer reported that there is an old right-of-way deed that gives the county the right-of-way down through a land lot, the road was not built where we received the right-of-way, we now have a corrective right-of-way deed which describes the right-of-way as it currently exists; and the proposed Resolution would abandon anything that was conveyed in the original right-of-way deed that is not included in the corrective right-of-way deed, and he recommends that Commission adopt this Resolution.

    Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mr. Nance and motion carried, accepting Mr. Pfeifferís recommendation and adopting Resolution.

  19. Abandonment of Property in Smoak Bridge Grove Subdivision

    Mr. Pfeiffer reported that what is being requested here is that the adjoining property owners be notified that we have had a request to abandon property that is south of Swift Creek Road on the west side of Hwy. 300 on the lake; he doesnít know if the county has ever worked this, and it is on the west edge of Smoak Bridge Grove Subdivision. He advised that in the original subdivision plat, it showed a road on the left side, that is what this is, and the two adjoining property owners are asking the county to abandon their interest in that road.

    Motion by Mrs. Pheil, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried, agreeing to notify the adjoining property owners of the proposed abandonment and make a decision at the March meeting.

  20. Mrs. Ellen West's Request

    Mr. Pfeiffer reported that the Circle J Enterprise Revolving Loan Fund note included as part of the collateral, a third lien security deed to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. West, Mrs. West has requested that we substitute for the third lien on their residence a second lien position on three rental house residences. He stated that we have gotten the appraisals of the three properties and a statement from the bank as to the amount of loans on the three properties, and what is being requested in an amendment to the loan agreement which would require the consent of all the parties of the loan agreement including guarantors. He advised that the Commission could take this two different ways, 1) could refer it to the Revolving Loan Committee for their recommendation at the March meeting, or 2) the Commission can consent to the substitution subject to all the requirements of the Revolving Loan Committee being met and consent of all of the parties to the agreement.

    Motion by Mrs. Pheil, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried, agreeing to let the Revolving Loan Fund Committee make a recommendation back to the Commissioners.

  21. Arts Alliance Request

    Angie Greer and Diane Langston met with Commissioners regarding the Arts Alliance requests. Mrs. Greer asked Cimmissioners to demolish the Arts Alliance Building on the corner of 13th Avenue and 6th Street as they understand vagrants are living in this building, the building is not in the best structural condition, and they have determined that they need to build a new facility there. Mr. Gamble said his crew could demolish this is a few days. She also said that they are asking for strong consideration in next years budget for the Arts Alliance, they have been in existence for eight years and some of their sources of funding are not as strong as they use to be; they are a very viable organization but they just need support from the community. She said they are asking for an additional increase of $20,000.00 making the total $30,000.00 for next year. Mrs. Langston reported that there overall budget is a little over $100,000.00.

    By common consent, Commissioners authorized Mr. Gamble and public works crews to demolish the Arts Alliance Building on 13th Avenue, and Chairman Dowdy advised that Commissioners would take the additional money under consideration when the budget is prepared this year.

  22. Financial Report

    Martha Hendley, Finance Director, reported that overall we are within budget by 2.41% in the General Fund, she has changed the report on the Capital Projects Fund so they can see the appropriation expenditures to date and the proposed reallocation of funds and balances on each project. She stated that the SPLOST collections are still coming in an average of $265,00.00 a month, and the in Revolving Loan Fund account there is a couple still past due.

  23. Discuss Mike Harrison's Request

    Hal Newberry, engineer for the landfill, reported that the contractor, Mike Harrison, for the construction of cells 8 & 9 at the landfill, has approached he and Mr. Pate concerning the increases in fuel costs, since he has bid the job, the cost of fuel has gone up about .40 a gallon, and Mr. Harrison is asking for some consideration from the Commissioners to offset this cost. He reported that the job bid August 15th and we didnít get a contract until December 9th, the contract conditions require that he honor his price for sixty days, he ask Mr. Harrison if he would extend the time he honored it, one time he mentioned increase in fuel costs, then the fuel came back down, and the amount of price increase from the time he bid the job until the time Commissioners awarded the job was up about 5.5 gallon, but since then it has crept up. Mr. Harrison reported that now the total increase since they bid the job until yesterday is .48 gallon, and that will be $20,000 to $25,000.00 increase now and doesnít know what it will do tomorrow, and he is asking for some consideration on this increase from the Commissioners. He stated that they have just put in storage tanks to store about 42,000 gallons of gasoline, and he would like some compensation, whatever the Commission thought fair for the increase in fuel costs since we donít know what is going to happen to fuel prices. Mr. Pfeiffer recommended that they refer this request to Charles Jones, Landfill Attorney, he can review the contract, as there may be some provisions in the contract that Commissioners may need to address. Mr. Newberry advised that he read thought the generals conditions in the contract, and there was nothing in there specifically that he thought addressed this. Mr. Pate stated that Mr. Harrison was diligent in his bid as he was about $100,000.00 under any other bidder.

    By common consent, Commissioners advised Mr. Harrison that they will get with Mr. Jones and see what they can work out.

  24. Request from Ruby Jackson

    Mr. Pate reported that he has a request from Ruby Jackson for a Certification of HB 489, he thinks it is a little different from the other, and he recommends that we do not approve this until we look further into the legality of it. Mr. Pfeiffer stated that what we need is certification from the Coordinating Council, he said she is asking for a certification that may go with a past grant application, as anytime the county or anyone within the county is applying for grant funds, there is a certification requirement, particularly if is though the county, as the state entities are not permitted to grant money to counties or cities where HB 489 has not been complied with and this is just to say we are certified that we have our service delivery strategy in place, and it confuses him about what the reason for the request is.

    Mr. Pate recommended that he and Mr. Pfeiffer handle this request.

  25. Administratorís Report

    Mr. Pate reported: Commissioners need to think about the Motorola software for enhancement of E-911, the trade-in proposal is to give us credit for $130,846.00 as an application against a cost of $438,346.00 making net cost of $307,500.00 which would have to come out of the general fund and we donít have the money but we have until June 1st to accept this proposal; City is requesting that we have the first meeting on E-911 renegotiation and he needs to know if Chairman Dowdy wants to appoint a special committee for this, and Chairman Dowdy appointed the Public Safety Committee members (Mr. Harris and Mr. Henry) as the two members; We should have enough money in the SPLOST to purchase a tower if the funding for the State Patrol Building does not run too high, we wonít know about this for another three months as the State Patrol has not approved the floor plan; Verizon has bought out Cellular One and they want to investigate the possibility of installing one of their antennaís on the roof of the Courthouse, if no objections, he will proceed to see what kind of deal they want to pay us for this, and Chairman Dowdy authorized him to get with Verizon and bring back to Commissioners; He learned at the ACCG Convention that if we go on private property and clean out, we incur a perpetual liability, and the engineering firm suggested that we study the Cedar Creek area further to see about the downstream effect of all of this, and he asked if Commissioners wanted him to get a cost of the additional engineering or if they are satisfied that the exposure is not too great, we can go ahead with cleaning out the creek as soon as our agreement with Mr. Mathis is complete. Mr. Pfeiffer stated that to the extent they increase the water burden on any property by any work that the county does, the County is liable, and before they do anything, they need to make sure they have gotten whatever studies they need to show that it wonít create a nuisance. Mr. Pate advised that the people that are going in the Tarver Building are pretty much satisfied with the layout, but there is not enough money left in the SPLOST to complete the renovation.

  26. Executive Session Ė Personnel & Real Estate

    Motion by Mr. Henry, seconded by Mrs. Pheil and motion carried, agreeing to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel and real estate.

    Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mr. Henry and motion carried, agreeing to come out of Executive Session.

  27. Accept Resignation of Martha Hendley

    Mr. Pate read letter of resignation from Martha Hendley, Finance Director, effective March 7, 2003.

    Motion by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mrs. Pheil, and motion carried, regretfully accepting Mrs. Hendleyís resignation, and Administrator and Mr. Pfeiffer will prepare a Resolution to Mrs. Hendley expressing Commissioners thanks for what she has done for Crisp County.

  28. Adjourn

    Motion by Mr. Nance, seconded by Mr. Harris and motion carried, adjourning meeting.

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